5 Fluids You Need to Regularly Check in Your Car

5 Fluids You Need to Regularly Check in Your Car

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Longevity of car is an important aspect for the car owners. They always strive to maintain their cars and keep them in the best condition. This could be by regular servicing or by keeping in mind certain things like proper fluids, appropriate driving, and others.

In order to maintain a car, it is important to monitor the fluids put in the car regularly. Some of the fluids which need to be regularly checked and monitored are as follows:

Engine oil

Engine oil is the most important fluid for the car. It is vital as it keeps the car motor running. It should be checked on regular basis to ensure smooth running of the car. A basic mechanism that could be used to check the engine oil is mentioned below in the chronological order:

  • Switch-off your engine and wait for five to ten minutes
  • Once the engine is off and the engine has cooled, take out the dip-stick, which is present in the middle of your engine
  • Clean the dip-stick and place it back into the engine
  • To check it again, pull out the dip-stick and then put it back. Also, check the level of oil.

Windshield fluid

Windshield cleanliness is important while driving. Its utility enhances during winters, under hazy conditions or while driving at night on the highway. Thus, windshield fluid should be checked regularly and should be refilled as and when required. Clean windshield facilitates proper driving. It protects the driver from accidents due to hazy visibility because of dirty windshield.


Coolant is an important fluid as it keeps the engine cool. If the coolant is not refilled or monitored on a regular basis, it may result in an irreparable damage to the car due to excessive heating. It is always advisable to refill the coolant regularly.

Car manual should be checked to understand what kind of coolant is required by the car. Manuals generally contain the specific instructions associated with the coolants.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is another important fluid for the car. If the brakes of your car are not functioning properly, you must check the fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. If the fluid is dirty, it needs to be replaced and if it is less it needs to be refilled with fresh oil. Generally, the brake fluid oil needs to be replaced or topped up after every 50,000 miles.

Power steering fluids

Power steering oil is important because if it is low, it may hinder the functionality of the steering, thereby resulting in accident. Thus, it is important to check the fluid and refill it when required.

The above are some useful car fluid tips which would help in maintaining the car. Above all, make sure that you avail of a car insurance, which would come handy if your car requires a reasonable maintenance over a period of time. Such an insurance would also protect you against accidents, damage to third party, besides others.