How to prevent motorcycle theft?

How to prevent motorcycle theft?

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Your bike is in a way a trusted travel companion. A buddy you heavily rely on for your short commutes as well as long drives. Thus, it is no surprise to see that a true biker leaves no stone unturned in taking care of his motorcycle. While taking care involves regular maintenance, cleaning, changing oil and other lubricants etc. It is also important that to take care of your motorcycle against theft.

Let’s face it, motorcycles get stolen all the time. They can be stolen on impulse by thrill seekers or by professional thieves with proper planning. Many people don’t take this risk seriously until they fall victim to it. While choosing a safe parking spot goes a long way towards the bike’s safety there is a lot more that can be done in this regard. Let us take a look at few tips to prevent our bikes from getting stolen.

  • Ensure that you have the handle locked

Handle lock is the first line of defense against any potential thieves. Many people tend to forget or simply refrain from doing so out of laziness. This can prove costly. In case your handle lock is broken, make sure to get it replaced as soon as possible.

  • Install an extra lock

Adding an extra lock such as a chained lock can fetch you an extra layer of protection. With this, if the thief manages to break the handle he won’t be able to drag your motorcycle manually.

  • Stay inconspicuous

This tip is important for people having high-end bikes such as a Harley Davidson. It is a good idea to keep your swanky bike covered with a motorcycle cover. Ensure that the cover does not have the branding or if it does have it removed. This will ensure that the bike stays hidden from the prying eyes of potential thieves.

  • Park safe

Make sure you park the bike in a safe area close to your house. Additionally, make sure that the parking spot is well lit to discourage it from being stolen. Also, avoid parking on an incline since that can damage the handle lock as well as the gears.

  • Install an alarm

An alarm can act as a fail-safe if the thief is in the process of stealing the bike. In addition to this, you can also apply a sticker that says “Alarm Installed” as a prevention is better than cure measure and ward off the miscreants.

  • Stay Aware

It is quite possible that the thieves will monitor your bike for several days before executing the theft job. Thus, be alert for any kind of suspicious activity and notify the cops accordingly.

So, these were a few tips to bolster your motorcycle’s security and prevent it from getting stolen. That said, you can’t really make your bike totally steal proof since a lot of things are beyond your control. Here is where motorcycle insurance comes into play. You can now easily buy or renew two-wheeler insurance online and stay safe from the financial repercussions of bike theft. If your policy renewal is due, renew your 2 wheeler insurance online now!