Planning to buy a new car? Here are a few common queries

Planning to buy a new car? Here are a few common queries

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Buying a new car is one of the important decisions in one’s lifetime and it is natural to be in doubt when taking such decisions! Not all of us are professional car experts to know each and every aspect of buying a car, and hence the doubts or hesitation is completely justified. We have listed a few common queries that new car buyers have, to simplify your car hunt!

Personal Need

It is important to first address one’s personal need before finalizing the car. As tempting as it may sound, it is important to understand one’s need in terms of a hatchback, SUV, sedan, or a compact car!

Available Finances

Once the need part is sorted, the other important thing that needs to be sorted is the finance available with the buyer. If the buyer doesn’t have enough finances to fund the car, then is borrowing from family or friends an option or taking a car loan an option! If one needs to take a car loan, then it can be useful to check whether the car dealer has some kind of tie-up with banks or financial institutions! The extra charges involved in availing the car loan need to be considered while managing the finances.

Test Drive

Don’t miss taking a test drive of the car, even if you have driven the car before. The dealer, in most cases, have their own route for test driving. You can have a word with the dealer and alter the route, so as to check the car’s stability in all types of road conditions.


Leather seats, fabric protection, window tints, mug holders, and other such accessories which are available with new car purchase, at an additional cost is one of the biggest decisions that need to be taken while buying the car. If you have additional finance available for making these additions to your car’s purchase, then you must list down the accessories which are absolutely necessary for you. However, if there isn’t enough finance available, then it is better to work with the accessories in due course of time.

Safety Features

Though some car manufacturers provide some in-built safety features, it is important to check all the available safety features. If there is some key safety feature such as passenger air bag available at less additional cost, it is advisable to purchase this add-on feature along with that of the car.

Service Schedules

While listing down one’s needs while purchasing the car, it is also important to mention whether the car will be used for regular commuting or only on weekends and holidays! At the same time, it is important to check the location of the nearest service centre as well as have a look at the service schedule. The terms and conditions mentioned in the service schedule must be carefully checked for inclusions and exclusions.

Before taking the final call on purchasing the car, it is a must to check the interest rates and monthly pay-outs alongside checking for various offers and deals at the dealer’s end.