Vans Exist for the Handicapped

Vans Exist for the Handicapped

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If you are disabled or have a loved one who is, knowing that new and used wheelchair accessible vans for sale exist in a variety of choices is the answer to that person’s feeling of independence. Having such a vehicle can make life easier, more exciting by being able to get around locally and perhaps do some traveling and family visiting, and be able to ride in style and comfort. Find a dealership that specializes in designing a customized system that will accommodate the individual’s disabilities and thus open a world of possible enjoyment that wasn’t available once the disabilities occurred.

If unable to drive or ride in a standard vehicle, some of those problems can be alleviated by having lifts, ramps, electronic mobility controls, hand controls, specialized handicap seats, left foot gas pedals, and other equipment installed on a newly-purchased or a currently-owned vehicle that can be upgraded by such additions.
Reliability and safety are top priorities, and those are painstakingly a part of a proposed vehicle or when adding items to a vehicle.

R&R Mobility Vans & Lifts Inc has been proud to assist those with disabilities since 1974. Handicapped quality vehicles that can be customized using major mobility brand products to fill the specific needs of individuals is a welcome challenge to such a company. This family owned and operated business is located in Conyers, Georgia, in the heart of the state and only 20 minutes away from downtown Atlanta. They have new and used handicapped accessible vans, SUVs, and trucks for every price range and budget. If you want to trade in an old mobility vehicle, they will give you the best possible value for your used vehicle.

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff members at their wheelchair and handicap accessibility vehicle dealership would be happy to show you their available large inventory of major brands, answer any of your questions, discuss their sales and service as well as their maintenance and replacement parts functions, and help assist you in finding exactly what is needed under the individual circumstances that exist. They want to provide the best automotive sales and service ever experienced.