How Technology has changed Education?

How Technology has changed Education?

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Technology is everywhere. Everybody, irrespective of their age and community, is using technology in their day to day life. However whenever we discuss about using technology in our educational system, every parent, teacher and guide oppose the idea by stating that using internet, computer, or any gadget will only distract a student rather than aiding in studies.

Let’s illustrate with an example.

What are the different types of soil?

While teaching this topic, a teacher can show a paper printed, black and white or colour pic of various types of sands. Now imagine a scenario where the student is shown a small video on how rocks and sands are formed and degenerated and thus forms various types of soil. Which process, you think, will make the topic more clear to the student? Definitely the second one where, with the help of 3d animated video, the formation of soil will be explained.

Using a Gadget – Computer, Laptop or Tablet

One needs a gadget first if they want to use Technology to help them understand a topic. Computer is too heavy and not portable, Laptop is portable but heavy but a Tablet is handy and easy to carry. May be that’s the treason it is mostly used in every educational field.


Carrying paperback books, is the most cruel thing done with kids. They need to carry textbooks and notebooks of almost 7-8 subjects which weighs around 6-7 kgs. Now e-books are the solution for this. How about books and notes compressed into a gadget which is such a light weighed thing to carry. Studying from an e-books keeps a student more engaged rather than the one who is studying from the contemporary method.

Online Exams

Nowadays almost all the exams like JEE and NEET, are conducted online, which means one needs to be familiar with the use of this technology. Exam Stress and pressure to manage time effectively during exam is already a burden enough for a student. You don’t your kid to waste time during exam by getting familiar with the whole examination system.

When full of knowledge, students becomes more confident and thus interacts well in the class, becomes an influential speaker, develops a positive personality. Use of technology doesn’t imply that leaving the child alone in midst of robotic study materials. Teachers or mentors are always there to guide them. Any doubts, clarification are well answered by them. This promotes one-on-one interaction between a teacher and a student, which is most of the missing in the traditional classroom study.

Use of technology has helped not only students but also teachers. Technology has aided the teachers to make things simpler, teaching became more effective and easy with Tech.



Author – Payel Bhowmick

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