What should I prefer: Java programming or CCNA-CCNP?

What should I prefer: Java programming or CCNA-CCNP?

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Comparing both CCNA and CCNP from a technical perspective makes no sense. If you are comparing them from a career choice perspective, you must know both of them have an enormous potential in store. Java certification, CCNA certification or CCNP certification will build firm foundation, but in different technical fields. If you want to choose between the two and know what exactly JAVA and CCNA-CCNP are about and how can it mold your career it will help you make a wise choice.

JAVA certification and its benefits:

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language. If you do not come from a C++ world, JAVA is a good language to step in the programming world. Considering about the Job opportunity, JAVA will expose you to tons of well-paying jobs. JAVA is a potent language that has found the place in applications like enterprises, websites, Mobile Apps and much more.

Benefits of JAVA Certification:

1) Easy to grasp: JAVA programming tasks are easy once you level up from the basics of JAVA. With syntax, JAVA is easy to program and debug.

2) Rich API: Java provides rich API’s for networking, input, output, XML parsing and has great animation potential.

3) Supported by powerful tools: JAVA is supported by Eclipse and Netbeans. Both are strong tools to code and for debugging providing quick turnarounds.

4) Open source Libraries: JAVA development is easy and quick as many open source libraries on Google are already coded and tested. They provide you generic piece of ready code to just patch in your code.

5) JAVA community support: Believe it, JAVA has a solid community support. You will bail out of the bottleneck at the beginner or expert level.

JAVA has conquered every realm, the mobile as well as the laptop. So if you have an analytical mind and coding interests you, your success is undeniable with a JAVA certification.

Job opportunities:

1) Software developer

2) App Developer

CCNA, CCNP certification, and its benefits:

If you are planning a future in networking, CCNA-CCNP certifications will be your stepping stone. While CCNA certification is a basic course in networking, it trains you on how to install and manage a medium network. CCNP certification is a professional course of the advanced level.

Before taking a CCNP certification, you must have cleared the CCNA. For CCNA you just need to sit through only one exam and for CCNP you need to sit through 3-4 module exams.

Job opportunities for CCNA certification:

1) Network Technician

2) Network Support Engineer

3) Helpdesk Engineer

4) Service Desk Technician

Job opportunities for CCNP certification:

1) Network Specialist

2) Systems Engineer

3) Network Analyst

4) Network Engineer

CCNP Certification is a professional course that offers you better paying job opportunities. While JAVA is a coding language that requires coding and debugging, networking is an altogether different zone. Networking is more to do with actual network designing, checking existing configuration, optimize the configuration for better communication between the devices. Both of them are in high demand but what to should do is your personal choice. Networking is more about practical knowledge so as much as you learn, while a job is going to determine your growth. JAVA is more of building the complex code, and that can be groomed even offline, as JAVA is free. It’s a game of Logical Vs core technical you must pick what interests you the most so that you sail smooth and grow by leaps and bounds.