What Do You Need to Know About Perl Training Course?

What Do You Need to Know About Perl Training Course?

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Perl is an excellent programming language that can learn with all ease. This course will let the candidates know how touse regular expressions, characters, structures and other essentials of a programming language. This course will let you know how to download the texts and images from the internet, sysadmin type works like moving files, renaming files, editing files, importing and exporting data to and from the database. Overall, you will become an expert in programming if you learn this pearl programming language. This course will groom the candidates to meet the requirements of coding a program.

What the course is about?

The Perl certification in Denver is designed for the beginners and the mid-level programmers those who want to learn the Perl language. This course will make the candidates a proficient programmer in the Perl language. This will enable the participants to develop their experience to automate system tasks through hands-on training. This course will provide the entire knowledge about the Perl programming and its concepts. At the end of this course, the candidates can able to work in the Perl language efficiently. This course covers the following concepts,

  • Introduction to Perl language
  • Installing perl and other free editors
  • Reading files
  • Beginning regular expressions
  • Downloading texts and images with Perl
  • Writing files and replacing texts
  • Escape sequences
  • Working with databases
  • Basic sysadmin tasks
  • Basics of web applications
  • Building a program including command line options
  • Web scraping
  • Parsing complex data structures and XML
  • Perl one-liners
  • Modules and OO Perl and more.

Who can take the Course?

The Perl training course is designed for the following professionals,

  • Application Developers
  • Web Developers
  • System administrators
  • Developers
  • People that are familiar with any programming language
  • People that are interested in learning how to automate normal tasks in IT
  • Students that would like to develop a career in Perl

The Benefits of learning the course

This course will provide many benefits and some of the benefits are as follows. At the end of the training course, the participants can be able to,

  • Use Perl utilities such as the split, join, index and substr
  • Create format statements to make the output in a formatted way
  • Perform operations on scalar values
  • Create and use file handles to read and write the files directly
  • Process and control the file systems within the Perl script
  • Import existing modules into the Perl script
  • Work on sysadmin tasks right from editing files to renaming files
  • Parse XML and complex data structures
  • Understand web scarping and basics of web applications

Fundamentals of the Course

The participants that are about to take part in the course should have the basic programming language. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Course Certification

In order to get the course certification, you have to clear the examination with 75% marks. If you do, you will definitely get the course certification.