Xamarin and Its Applications

Xamarin and Its Applications

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One major concern that most of the mobile app developers face is related to designing and developing different apps that are compatible with different platforms like android, windows, IOS, etc. But since the technology is evolving fast these days, there are a lot of frameworks that help the developers in developing apps in such a way that they are compatible with all the major operating systems. One such option is Xamarin and you’d know more about the need behind developing Xamarin in the Xamarin course.

In classes for Xamarin certification in Sanfrancisco, you will learn that there were a lot of personalized notions that had to be kept in mind with different operating systems. Xamarin is a cross platform app development tool that helps in doing the basic stuff related to the app development in such a way that the levels of compatibility are not hindered and proper care is taken for saving the time and efforts of the developer.

As per various reports, it has been seen that Xamarin is capable of reducing the app development time by around 60% and around 70% of the code can be used across all the platforms. Working on the concepts of C# and DotNet together, Xamarin ensures that great apps get created in no time. Lately, a lot of development has been done in Xamarin and due to that it now offers a variety of libraries of DotNet that can be used to create apps with ease.

Check out the top reasons due to which you should use Xamarin instead of anything else for cross platform native mobile app development.

  • Easy to learn

When you are developing mobile apps the traditional way, you have to do that keeping in mind different functionalities of different platforms and that makes the whole process difficult. But since Xamarin is easy to learn, it reduces the overall load of a developer thus making newer things easy to learn. Earlier, developers had to separately learn the UIs, lifecycles, SDK, etc. for all the platforms but with Xamarin, you just have to learn all this only once.

  • Faster deployment

Since around 70% of the code that you prepare can be commonly used across all the platforms. So once you are ready with the basic app, you need to simply do the stuff related to platform related specifications and UI and the app are ready. Since the app gets prepared quickly, the entire process following this also gets faster which allows the app to reach the market in a very low time.

  • Reduced bugs and errors

In comparison to other apps developed over the regular frameworks, the bugs in the apps created over Xamarin are very low. The test coverage is better and thus it helps in reducing the errors. One major reason behind the reduced code is the small size of the code. With the number of lines in the code staying to the minimum, the chances of making common mistakes gets lowered down considerably.