4 Reasons to Use Business Cards & Old-Fashioned Ads for Marketing

4 Reasons to Use Business Cards & Old-Fashioned Ads for Marketing

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Back in the day—which is what people say when they are talking decades back, but no specific time, businesses relied on old-fashioned advertisements to increase their revenues and improve their rankings. Business, you could say, was simpler. You advertised, you gained customers, you kept customers with a great product or service, and you retired one day. However, while times have certainly changed, there is still something great about using business cards and old-fashioned ads in your marketing.

Old-Fashioned Advertisements are Classics for a Reason

What are old-fashioned advertisements? Newspaper ads, billboards, word-of-mouth, fliers, samples—all of the ways that you could advertise without using the newfangled electronics. These are old-fashioned advertisements, and they are classics because they work. Sure, social media networks get the word out quicker, but newspaper ads are nostalgic, billboards are timeless, and samples get people in the door.

Business Cards are Cheap to Print

Once upon a time, business cards were luxuries. They were expensive to print and people knew you were a hard-working business owner by the number of cards you kept in your wallet. However, nowadays, business cards are cheap to print, but still effective in getting the word out about your new company. You can dole them out, pin them to public boards at libraries or college campuses, or go truly classic by dropping them in the business fishbowls of doctor, dentist, or chiropractic offices.

Billboards and Newspaper Ads Gather More Attention Than Status Updates

Social media networks were once the height of modern technology, but even those are going the way of the dinosaurs. While you can post anything about everything online, billboards and newspaper ads are still stronger in getting someone’s attention. Someone driving will glance up to read a billboard, which gets their mind a-buzzing. Or, someone browsing the newspaper will see your ad, ponder your services, and give you a buzz to know more.

You Can Use Classic Advertising Techniques for Ages

Old-fashioned advertisements are classics because they have always, and will always, work to the advantage of businesses. These are the kinds of techniques that may tarnish a bit but never fade. So, sharpen your pencil, put in a few calls, and reserve a section for your company in the local tribune.

While old-fashioned marketing methods are still tried-and-true, you should definitely go with modern advertising techniques too. Be sure to bounce some advertisement ideas off of your business associates with meetings, brainstorm sessions, or an integrated business telecom. Then couple old-fashioned and modern methods and you get a double-whammy of advertisement technique that is sure to win over a plethora of prospective consumers.