Housing Loan Eligibility Calculator – A Vital tool for Availing Home Loan

Housing Loan Eligibility Calculator – A Vital tool for Availing Home Loan

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Today, several people apply for a home loan, but most of them struggle to find out the amount of money they are eligible to borrow. For all those who are looking to apply for home loan, this article will give you vital information about how to use the home loan calculator.

In the purview of growing number of financial organizations offering home loans, people are becoming more and more ambitious about owning their own real estate property. Several individuals who aspire to buy their new home consider home loan as the most feasible way to get funds and make their dream come true.

While it has become easier to avail home loans than ever before, not many people know how to plan their borrowing. Before applying for a loan, you need to assess your financial condition. You need to evaluate your current earnings, savings, expenses and how you are planning to cope with the additional cost in terms of home loan EMIs. You also need to consider how much money you are eligible to borrow. To know the exact amount you can use the housing loan eligibility calculator. It’s a tool that most of the financial institutions offer to help their customers calculate the amount they are eligible to borrow.

The tool is not just used by loan borrowers but also by researchers and professionals to calculate various figures relating to home debt, monthly installments, home loan interest rate, annual taxes and property insurance and monthly debt payments. While using the tool, all you need to do at first is enter details like your monthly expenses, the value of the property. This is followed by filling the time-period you want to apply loan for, and the required amount of loan and the tool would automatically compute and give you an approximate figure of the maximum amount of loan you can borrow.

Why is it important to use this tool?

By knowing the exact figures, you would get a clear idea about your capacity to pay your dues. Also, by knowing the exact amount of your loan eligibility, you can plan your loan in a better way; you can choose the appropriate scheme as well as the repayment option to suit your needs. Also, by using the tool, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in going to the different lenders. Not to mention, once you know the figure that you can borrow, you can narrow down on the property that you can afford to buy in an efficient manner. You would know exactly which property would suit your budget without compromising on your monthly expenses.


Remember, whilst the home loan calculator is a very useful tool in your home loan planning, remember, it should be only used as a reference. The figures you derive by using the tool is not the final figure because different financial institutions have different calculation methods. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the lender would provide you with the full amount that you calculated using the loan calculator. You must not completely rely on the calculator; instead, you need to speak to the lender and get a final quotation. Ask the lender about how they calculate the eligibility and what are the various factors that they consider before approving the home loan application?