How to Skin and Prep a Chicken

How to Skin and Prep a Chicken

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Buying a skinned chicken from the butcher is an easy option. However, sometimes you worry about hygiene. You will probably feel it is more hygienic to buy with the skin. Then how will you remove the skin? Skinning a chicken is an art which can be learnt. All you need is patience and a sharp knife. While skinning the meat prepare yourself witha clean cutting board, water, a garbage bag to collect unwanted meat and a sharp knife which can cut the meat cleanly off the bone and joints. Always clean hands and the equipment as raw meat in any form may have salmonella which is harmful to the body.


How to skin a chicken

At Licious you can buy whole chicken online with the skin. You can use the whole chicken to make a roasted chicken or a tandoori chicken. While skinning the chicken you could use the skin alone by marinating it with salt and pepper and then baking it. The crispy chicken skin is delicious to eat and your children will love it.

While skinning the chicken keep the whole chicken flat on the cutting board with the breast side up. Cut at the wishbone in the neck; loosen the skin from the meat, pulling the skin gently from the joints cut through using sharp shear knives.As you loosen the skin from the flesh cutting at the leg will help pull the entire skin like a jacket from the flesh. There you have it, a nice, clean skinless chicken.

After you have skinned the chicken you need to decide on the size of the cut and the number of pieces. It could be either six pieces, eight pieces, or you could want a curry cut. Each of these cuts needs to be done precisely. For instance, in the six cut, you need to cut only at the joints and the breast needs to be cut in half at the centre. For the eight cut, you need to separate the breast from the back, with the two wings, the legs and the pair of chicken breast you have the eight cut chicken.

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