When hunger strikes, order food online!

When hunger strikes, order food online!

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In our fast paced lives, we hardly find the time to eat. When it is paired up with cooking; the chances reduces drastically. We choose to binge on snacks or skip food completely. But, here is when we should order food online. With hundreds of options and cuisines to choose from; given below are a couple of reasons as to why you should actually opt for erasing that hunger through the clicks of your fingers:

1)    Lesser time than on call ordering!

It is much more convenient as opposed to ordering food on call. You can simply type in the address, the name, your order. You do not have to wait for those long ‘tring-trings’. Then, wait for another five ten minutes to spell out your order along with your details. It is easier to feed in all the details, so that your address and phone number gets saved in the system for later usage as well.

2)    Live tracking!

So many portals have now come up with the option of live tracking. You can simply order your food and find out the status through the tab on your laptops, i-pads and mobile screens. You get to know once the food is picked up from the restaurant, or when the delivery boy has left from the restaurant and your food is en-route. This is definitely one of the biggest perks that come along, when you order food online.

3)    Lesser scope of miscommunication.

While you fill out your details and choose the dishes yourself, there is lesser scope of manual errors. There is no confusion with the names. You will not get chilli chicken instead of chicken chettinad, which is one of the biggest advantages of ordering food online.

4)    Better visual understanding and reviews.

One of the best features is that you can see and decide what you want to eat. A lot of times, we have our inhibitions while trying out new dishes since we do not know how it looks or what it would be. This is when, online food ordering portals come into picture. You can see the image(s) of the dishes you plan to order and then take a call yourself. Another thing is that you can see the reviews and then based on other’s opinions; decide from which place you want to order. You can also see the most frequently ordered dishes and find out the best ones that your favourite restaurants order. You can share your experiences as well and help others decide better by feeding in your opinions as well as reviews.

5)    Order from anywhere anytime, without bothering people around you!

If hunger strikes, then food is just a few clicks away when you order food online. While sitting in a college or taking the metro, 15 minutes before reaching home; you can simply log in to your preferred portal and place your order. Reach home with food and enjoy hot piping food sitting in the comfort of your own house. But, everything has a flip side. When you are not alone at home you cannot call and order food line as it by no means is a good idea.