Making Videos for a YouTube Channel

Making Videos for a YouTube Channel

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If you love travelling, creating videos about your trips is the best way to share your experience with the world. YouTube is filled with bright and colourful videos of people having adventures around the globe. No wonder you want to make your own. The problem may appear when you get to video editing itself.

Everything is not as easy as it seems with most of the editors because of their interface. However, when it comes to Movavi Video Editor, you will be relieved, because it is so simple that even a beginner can become a master of video montage. Here’s a short guide how to make a YouTube video with the help of Movavi.

  • Import

First, import your videos and photos directly from the disk, grab footage from a webcam or transfer files from VHS and a TV tuner. Every single clip will appear on a convenient timeline, where you can trim and cut them, put in the necessary order and, of course, enhance them.

  • Enhance

To make a professionally-looking vlog, you’re gonna have to take care of the quality of your footage. Stabilize shaky fragments, adjust colours (manually or apply automatic filters), crop and rotate your clips. As for colour adjustments, you can tweak various parameters: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, etc.

  • Decorate

There is a great number of effects and clip-art objects that you can insert in your video in a couple of clicks.


Filters: a compilation of artistic, mosaic, retro and other filters will help you create special atmosphere depending on your intention. There are also adjustment filters that can help fix some defects: get rid of black bars in vertical videos, flip and sharpen the footage.

Transitions: these are fades that you can put between two separate clips. They are used to make the change between slides less abrupt. There are plenty of designs: blur, circle, ripple, warp, and more.

Titles and callouts: with this feature, you can add various captions with interesting decorations: opening and closing credits, explanations, links or anything else.

Stickers: funny cartoons will add some flavour to your project. While Movavi Video Editor has a limited number of stickers, Movavi Video Editor Plus has a lot more of built-in content. See it for yourself on the picture below:


  • Add music

Obviously, you can add a soundtrack to your video. Upload music that you like (but be careful, because YouTube has a very strict copyright policy) or choose one of the tunes suggested by the program. There is also a collection of sound effects like applause, gunshot, laugh, and more – all of that can help you create an entertaining and funny video.


  • Export

After you have finished perfecting your video, you can finally export it. The best way is to upload it straight to YouTube. Thankfully, the program saves you time, because it has a special profile for exporting videos to this hosting if you sign in to your account beforehand. Plus, the result will be saved to the folder of your choice. You can also save the video for viewing on your smartphone, tablet or TV – just choose the appropriate preset.

That’s it! Even if you’re just beginning your path to YouTube stardom, Movavi Video Editor will be a great helper in this task.