Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy- Which one is Better?

Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy- Which one is Better?

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Every one of us have been a part of rummy game once in our lifetime. A number of players around the world start their career offline, but as they start realizing the pace of technology, they gradually start shifting online. A number of rummy playing websites have emerged online that have thousands of players associated with them. The game of rummy has always been associated with gambling, but as the people are becoming educated they have started to believe that rummy is the pure display of skills. No matter you play it online or offline the final outcome will only be influenced by the skills of the players playing the game?

Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy

There has been a strong debate among the lover of the rummy game. A number of people believe that the online rummy has taken over the offline rummy, but still there are few people who believe that the offline rummy has a fair advantage over the online rummy. Let us check out the differences between the online and offline rummy and try to find out which way of playing the rummy game is better.


You can enjoy playing the online rummy game from just any place on any device. The rummy games can be played on mobile, tablets, and desktops as well. A number of websites have their own app to make it easy for the users to play rummy game on mobile devices. To play the offline rummy, you have to wait for the players to gather at a specific place unlike the online rummy. The game will only begin once everyone has arrived to that place. The online rummy eradicates the waiting time and allows the user to play rummy games using different devices at comfort of home.

Different Rummy Variants

You might end up playing the rummy variant that is known by most of the players in your group while playing the offline rummy, but this is not the case with online rummy. You can play the rummy game as per your choice. You can thoroughly enjoy playing different rummy variants with different players when you are online. Even if you don’t know how to play a particular variant of the rummy game, you can go to different tutorials available on the website for your help. These tutorials can make you learn to play different rummy variants without disturbing any other rummy player.


Most of the rummy playing websites keeps their audiences intact by luring them with bonuses. Even a new joinee gets a number of chips for free so that he/she can practice the rummy game and learn new skills. Moreover, the players even get the weekly bonuses along with the cash prizes for playing rummy on a particular website. The offline rummy barely makes you get bonus out of anything.

Fair Game Play

The player seating is random in the online gameplay. This makes sure that the seating around the rummy table is not at all controlled by a single player unlike the offline rummy. Also, a random number generator shuffles the cards well and then these shuffled cards are dealt among the players playing the game. It ensures that no player is able to cheat while the cards are dealt as in case of offline rummy. The risk of unfair gameplay is too much in case of the offline rummy.

Play with Different Players

Unlike the offline rummy, you can enjoy playing the game of rummy anytime with different players. The players would be different, every time you play rummy on online website. This will help you out in developing new skills. But in case of offline rummy, you need to play with same players again and again to pass your time.

The Bottom Line

Surely, online rummy is far much better than the offline rummy in every aspect. Just, the user needs to be careful while selecting an online website to play rummy. There might be websites that can try to steal the hard earned money of a user. Check the website carefully before investing your money on it. Apart from this, the online rummy is superior over the offline rummy game.