SEO for Ecommerce Product Pages : How to Rank Higher

SEO for Ecommerce Product Pages : How to Rank Higher

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In today’s world, many business owners are realizing that efficacy in the realm of ecommerce product page design can lead to enhanced conversion rates. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to learn about strategies you can implement to make your website product pages exceptional. Here are several that can be of big benefit to you:

1. Utilize Product Descriptions.

If you’re serious about making your product page website exceptional, get serious about utilizing product descriptions. In many cases, business owners make the mistake of failing to include a clear, concise text description of their products. In addition to irritating the consumer by leaving them clueless regarding the nature of your brand, this technique compromises your ability to attain page one ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of major engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Note that if you don’t attain page one ranking in the SERPs, your ability to build a reputable online presence capable of converting people electronically is severely diminished.

Keep in mind that your product descriptions don’t have to be lengthy to be effective. You can visit the website of a business such as Richard Jay laundry to see examples of product descriptions that are both information-rich and concise. For example, their descriptions of Maytag Laundry Commercial devices such as the commercial washing machine are less than 100 words.

2. Always Create Original Content.

In addition to ensuring that you include product descriptions in your product pages, make sure that the text you use is original. This is likely the most important, effective ecommerce product page optimization strategy on the block. Unfortunately, many business owners get into the habit of using the product descriptions provided by manufacturers. The problem here is that these descriptions are distributed to multiple internet-based stores, and many of the retailers don’t take the time to make significant alterations to the text. This means that there are multiple pages with unoriginal content. Once Google recognizes that your content is unoriginal, you run the risk of being banned from the search engines. Another issue with unoriginal content is that the manufacturer-produced text is oftentimes mediocre or even substandard. This means that the product description will likely impede sales rather than fostering interest in your goods.

(Note that optimizing sales on your site is not always just about developing high quality product pages. The rest of your site should be exceptional as well. For this reason, think about strategies that you could implement to make your web articles or blog posts innovative, information-rich, entertaining, etc. To gain ideas regarding how to structure original content, consider the business Health Insurance Innovations. The Tampa Bay business journal now features an article on Health Insurance Innovations professionals. You can use this article for ideas on how to create original, engaging, information-rich content.)

3. Obtain Product Reviews.

Another strategy you can implement to ensure that your ecommerce product pages begin to rank higher in the search engines is obtaining product reviews. Taking this step is important now that 70% of buyers look for product reviews before determining whether to make a purchase from a specific brand. Thus if your products haven’t been reviewed, you’re less effective in attracting and retaining the interest of your prospects. Another thing to consider is that the companies which regularly receive product reviews are more likely to attain competitive ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Business owners who want to obtain excellent conversion rates in the ecommerce sector should know that product page optimization must become a top priority. By designing your product pages in a manner which improves your ranking in the SERPs, you’ll attain more site traffic and likely see a substantive increase in your conversion rates. Start using some or all of the product page optimization techniques listed above to ensure that you can begin seeing great results!