5 New Products Upgrades for Your Pontoon or Deck Boat

5 New Products Upgrades for Your Pontoon or Deck Boat

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Customizing your pontoon or deck boat has never been easier. Hundreds of aftermarket products are available to personalize your boat, and within an ever growing industry, the following are just a few that have been proven to be top tier.

1 – Harman’s Infinity Sound bar

A day out on the water is incomplete without cool tunes playing in the background. Music and sunshine are a great combo, and the Kappa Marine Sound bar from Harman is a perfect fit for your pontoon or deck boat. A modern look with incredible features, the sound bar is separable, weather/splash proof, and allows up to three devices to connect via Bluetooth. A detachable RF remote controls all functions at any point on the boat, and its quick-release, shockproof mounting system is perfect to adapting to your specific needs. LED lights offer great functionality for nighttime use. The sound bar weighs around 23 pounds, and measures around 31.5 inches.

2 – Dometic’s CRX marine refrigerator

Voted 2016’s Boating Industry Top Product award, Dometic’s CRX 3-in-1 marine refrigerator is a luxury you’ll love! Everything about the refrigerator/freezer, is designed to handle the marine environment. From the flush-mount electronic thermostat control panel, to the three speed variable compressor, this marine refrigerator is a must have for those long days on the water.

3 – The Porta Potti Curve

Nature often calls at the most inconvenient moments. When waiting is not an option, and shore is out of reach, you’ll be glad you have the Porta Potti Curve. This 5.5 gallon, battery powered, splash free waste tank is a simple yet ultra-convenient comfort to have. Measuring almost 18 inches tall, the Porta Potti Curve also includes a hold down kit to keep it from rocking or tipping during rough waters.

4 – SureDock

Docking your pontoon or deck boat can be a pain. Wrestling ropes, knots coming undone, and buoys smashing against the dock from waves are just a few of the frustrations. Knowing these issues, the makers of SureDock offer a new stainless steel docking arm specifically designed to alleviate these problems. This docking arm attaches to your dock, then latches onto points of your pontoon or deck boat. The easy to use design allows movement with changing water levels, but maintains distance between your dock and boat. Best of all, no more dealing with ropes strewn all over the boat!

5 – ThermaCELL’s mosquito-repelling Scout Camp Lantern

There are few things as relaxing on the boat with your friends, family and…mosquitos? Well, minus the mosquitos. Lucky for you, the team from ThermaCELL want to help remove these buggers from the party. Their new mosquito-repelling Scout Camp lantern, fueled by a single butane cartridge, creates a 15×15 foot repellent. No more sticky sprays or lotions needed, meaning no more sticky seats, smudges, or stains on your boat. The lantern lasts about 12 hours per refill kit.