Benefits of Using Air Purifier in a Baby’s Room

Benefits of Using Air Purifier in a Baby’s Room

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Welcoming a little one into your life is an awesome feeling, but at the same time, it poses a very demanding and challenging time for the parents. Infants are very fragile and need utmost care. Their immune system is not robust and parents need to make a protective sphere around them in which they can breathe freely.

If you think that it’s only the outdoors where your little bundle of joy is prone to irritants and pollutants, then you are wrong. Research suggests that the indoor air at homes is two-five times more saturated with allergens than outdoor air. It can be infested with pollens, smog, mould, smoke, pet dander, various odours, chemicals etc. And, all these can result in the baby or the toddler showing signs of respiratory issues.

To protect your baby from all these, you should install a high-efficiency air purifier that makes use of HEPA filter in your little one’s room. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter effectively, efficiently, powerfully and quietly works to trap and remove 99.97% of all particles up to 0.3 µm from the surrounding air.

It is extremely important that babies should be protected from breathing polluted air as their body systems are tender and in development stages. In such stages, polluted air can actually cause them more harm as the damage can be permanent.

Often when people bring their little ones home, they take care by getting the room painted with no-VOC paint and then they buy toys that are non-toxic. They make sure that the temperature in the baby’s room is appropriate – neither too hot nor too cold. But what they often fail to take care of is the air inside the home in which the infant virtually spends the whole time.

According to data by Centres for Disease Control, the cases of children’s asthma have risen by an astonishing 60% from 1980 to 2003 and the major culprit is the depleting air quality.

  • A good air purifier like Kent purifiers traps all asthma triggers like pollen, dust mites and mould spores making the air clean for the baby to breathe in.
  • If someone in the house is coughing and sneezing, the virus and the bacteria become airborne and the baby can get infected. Having an air purifier will ensure that these get trapped before it reaches the baby.
  • If you smoke, then you might be cautious enough to go outdoors for it, but the smoke can come from other sources too like incensed sticks or cooking. The HEPA filter makes sure that all smoke gets captured in it and the filtered clean air is released out.
  • Having pets at home can be quite tricky as pet dander is an allergy trigger and little ones have a very tender immune system. The air purifier not only captures the dander suspended in the air, but also reduces the pet odours.

Air purifier is actually helpful for everyone residing in a house as the air pollutants can harm anyone. But, when it comes to little ones, it is extremely important as they are too fragile and making the air they breathe cleaner helps in protecting their tender lungs and makes things easier for them to adjust.