Detox after Diwali – How Diabetics can shed those Extra Kgs

Detox after Diwali – How Diabetics can shed those Extra Kgs

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Diwali is long gone but the extra calories and fats that you have taken accumulate in your body at various places and simply refuse to go away. So are you dreading the weighing scale and the glucometer as you are sure the readings would disappoint you? Well, worry not. Your festive indulgence no longer needs to give you guilty feelings as we bring you a complete cleanup and detox plan to get rid of the toxin overload by adopting certain easy to follow diet changes.

A good diabetic diet to facilitate detox will not only help you feel lighter and more energetic but will also work simultaneously on achieving normal sugar levels.

  1. Staying well hydrated by drinking lots of water in the morning and then throughout the day is the easiest way to eliminate excessive glucose from the blood and toxins from the body. Keep the temperature lukewarm to avail maximum benefits of drinking water. Add a few drops of lemon juice to aide detoxification.
  2. Exercise for diabetes is like oxygen for living. Festivities leave no time for workout and the calorie overload puts your fitness regime at a serious test. But restoring your physical workout is extremely important as you must sweat out the fats and calories in order to remain in shape and keep your blood sugar under control.
  3. After a massive sugar overload during the Diwali sweets eating spree, go easy on your sugar intake to naturally normalize blood glucose levels. Avoid sugar intake completely if your blood glucose levels have gotten out of control post the festival binging.
  4. Include fresh fruits which are low on the glycemic index as suggested by experts for being an important part of food for diabetics. Consume as many colourful fruits and vegetables as possible during the day to keep your metabolism healthy.
  5. You may have enjoyed the festive treats but ask your system and it will tell you instantly to simply stop having refined grains, bread, white flours, pastas, rice cakes, biscuits, cakes and crackers.
  6. Milk is a complete food and an essential food item in a diabetic diet. It will help you feel full for longer and also meet your daily protein requirements.
  7. Do not skip medication and your scheduled visits to the doctor. Although post Diwali lethargy may make you want to give it all up but remember your diabetes won’t go away just because you stop taking medicines. Hence to prevent diabetes from becoming worse, stick to the diabetes care and management regime by eating right, exercising, doing yoga and most importantly being happy.
  8. And last but certainly the most important detox tip after Diwali is to continue to monitor your blood sugar levels daily to know the deviations due to the festivities and how nicely is the detox plan working for you.

So while festivals are a time to enjoy and celebrate, ensure your indulgence doesn’t cost you your health and make you regret later on, spoiling the festive spirit. It is always advisable to watch every bite if you are a diabetic and just by being a little cautious you won’t have to feel out of place even as the world rejoices.