5 Promises you should make to yourself on World Diabetes Day

5 Promises you should make to yourself on World Diabetes Day

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With India being the Diabetes capital of the world and the current 70 million diabetes patients set to reach 120 million in the next 20 years according to Indian Institute of Public Health, it is high time we start taking charge of this lifestyle disease. There is an increasing need to keep an eye on diabetes to allow early detection and promote a proactive approach towards self Diabetes Management.

On the occasion of the approaching World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2017, let us recall and reinforce the top five promises you must make to yourself for your diabetes care in order to prevent diabetes from taking over your life.

1. I Will Regularly Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

Being vigilant and aware of your sugar level patterns is the first step after deciding to take charge of your diabetes. The main focus here is keeping an eye on Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia – referring to high blood sugar levels and low blood sugar levels respectively, when compared to normal range. Both are equally dangerous for your body and vital organs and regular self-monitoring is the only way to stay informed. Promise yourself to keep a glucometer handy and use it at regular intervals during the day, every day. This may begin to seem costly but think about all the money you will spend at the hospital if you develop any complications.

2. I Will be Consistent in Diabetic Diet Adherence

Food for diabetics has always received special attention from patients as well as diabetes experts for a simple reason that your diet decides how well managed your blood sugar levels are. Forget the three meals a day pattern as for diabetics it is essential to eat small quantities at regular intervals, that is every 2-3 hours. This may demand making major changes to how you eat but remember the ultimate role it will play in helping you achieve balance in your blood sugar levels; and what better day to start than World Diabetes Day 2017.

3. I Will Regularly Follow Exercise for Diabetes

Apart from being in shape, exercising regularly will help you achieve great metabolism essential for supporting healthy body functions and balanced blood sugar levels. Fat accumulated around your waist is particularly harmful as it puts direct pressure on your pancreas, thereby affecting their proper functioning. So start sweating it out for the sake of benefiting from basic lifestyle changes to combat diabetes.

4. I Will Proactively Take Care of My Eyes and Feet

Apart from causing damage to your vital organs, diabetes takes a toll on your eyes and feet and if not managed properly may even lead to irreversible permanent damage. Take necessary precautions to maintain hygiene and regular checkups.

5. I Will Adhere to the Medicines as Prescribed

In order to prevent diabetes from getting worse leading to an increase in medicines and dosage, it is best to stick to the prescribed medicines and consult your doctor along with personalized diabetes expert from time to time.
It is never too late to take charge of your health and adopt a proactive approach, especially when it comes to managing diabetes. So start afresh with these positive resolutions this World Diabetes Day.