Hope For Patients With Knee Pain

Hope For Patients With Knee Pain

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A painful knee is one of the most painful ailments a person can endure in a lifetime. Because of the way the knee bends, and the amount of pressure placed on the knee during activities like walking and running, nothing is quite as uniquely painful as a bad knee. Many things cause knee pain, including rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, and bursitis. All of these ailments are common, especially in older patients or patients who engaged in a lot of sports activity during their lifetime. Things like tendinitis and bursitis can even be common in very young athletes, so it’s important to get pain relief immediately, especially if you’re an active human being with plenty of things to do.

Treatments for knee pain

1. Injections: Injections of some types of medicines, such as steroids, can provide temporary relief of knee pain. The problem is that these injections can be painful and not last long enough for someone who has developed chronic knee pain.

2. Surgery: Minor and major surgeries, such as arthroscopic knee surgery or total knee replacements, are generally avoided whenever they can be because they are such an invasive form of treatment. Reserve surgery until you’ve tried other treatments, although in some cases surgery is the only remedy, such as a knee that has bone on bone osteoarthritis.

3. Knee braces: These are extremely popular in patients. Getting a custom knee brace Toronto doctors recommend can be the difference in a pain free day and a painful day. The brace stabilizes the knee and gives patients lasting relief while they are wearing the brace.

4. Knee taps: Sometimes fluid builds up on the knee and a patient will need to have the fluid drained to relieve the pain that comes from swelling. This procedure is very helpful to many patients, although it is also invasive and can be painful in itself. If swelling is rampant, a knee tap might not be appropriate because the swelling might return so quickly that a procedure like this would not be a long-term solution.

Getting help for your knee pain

The most important thing to remember is that there are doctors out there who can help relieve the pain you experience in your knee. Don’t let the pain go on for too long before you go to a doctor. There’s no need to suffer.