How to Improve the Odds for Addiction Recovery

How to Improve the Odds for Addiction Recovery

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If an addiction is turning your life upside down, this might be the time to seek help. Finding the right environment to detox and begin real healing is critical to the success of recovery. There are solutions and a way to regain control of your life.

The Isolation of Addiction

Waking up one day to fully realize that you are in the midst of a problem with addiction can be frightening. Many times the individual has already lost the confidence of friends and family, leaving them with no one to turn to in this time of trial. Whether it is alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medications, addictions to these substances can leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable. The depression it ultimately causes can be debilitating. It leads to wrecked marriages, friendships and loss of employment.

Making the Commitment to Change

Successful recovery begins with the acceptance that there is a problem and committing to making the changes necessary to get stronger. Defeating an enemy like addiction can feel like taming a lion, but it is possible with the right help and outlook. Being firm in the decision to stop using the substance you are addicted to demands real strength and a dependable support system. The first step might seem difficult, but it sets the stage and foundation for getting your life back.

Safely Detoxing

The medical issues that surround physical addiction have to be addressed before real healing can begin. The process of detoxing from alcohol or drugs can be dangerous without proper oversight and assistance. You need to be monitored by a professional and well-trained staff that understands the toll it takes on the human body. Your health needs to be a top priority. Experienced medical personnel has medications and treatments to offer that make the process easier and safer. Being admitted for in-treatment detoxing helps catch serious problems before they have the chance to become life-threatening health events.

Cultivating Healthy Alliances

Clearing away the fog of active substance use will allow you the opportunity to take a sober look at life. You can make better decisions about the individuals surrounding you and how they have helped, or hurt your cause. Eliminating alliances with those that have enabled your addictions is a must for a successful recovery. It is hard to make these determinations until you see from the more objective view of sobriety. It also allows you to try and mend the relationships that are useful but have been marred from the erratic behaviors of addiction. Mending and repairing relationships with family members and friends can help move life in a forward positive way.

Learning to Set Boundaries

The disease of addiction often allows people to let go of traditional boundaries in their lives. Not being able to feel in full control of life leads to problems on every front. Relationships fall apart. Finances dissolve and everything seems to end up in a pile of ruins. The process of detox and recovery helps you gather the energy you need to set the boundaries once again. You can create the life you need and want. Life will no longer seem like an unending struggle. You can begin to experience a more positive outlook, which gives real hope.

Depend on Experienced and Knowledgeable Individuals

Choosing the right detox facility should include verified experience and knowledge of your particular addiction. The process of detoxing, therapy and strength-building can only be done if you feel the environment is safe and you you are surrounded by those that are being a sober ally in your recovery. There needs to be a treatment plan put in place that is challenging, with goals that are practical and reachable. You want to feel confident that the process will be ongoing and positive, both while you are there and once you leave.

Starting Life Over

Accepting that you have the disease of addiction and entering a detox program is only the beginning of the journey. Instead of feeling intimidated, know that by the time you re-enter the world, you will feel more empowered than you have in years. Everything will seem possible, but you need to safeguard your new-found sobriety. Stick with the treatment plan, therapy schedule and lean on your sponsor for times that you feel overwhelmed. Starting life over can be an exciting time to explore new interests for employment, develop strong relationships with positive friends and family, or just enjoy a relaxing walk by the lake.

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