Improve the Look of Your Teeth In One Office Visit With Dental Bonding

Improve the Look of Your Teeth In One Office Visit With Dental Bonding

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Many people gauge how well you take care of yourself by the look of your teeth when you smile. When there are bad stains, chips, cracks and uneven teeth, you end up wanting to hide your smile from the world. Dental bonding is a procedure that is quick, painless and might provide the cosmetic help you need for an improved smile.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a process of adding layers of tooth colored resin to the surface of real teeth for improvement of looks and function. It can cover a number of abnormalities, chip, cracks and severe discoloration. It is a painless procedure that can usually be done in one office visit.

Improve the Contour of Teeth

Teeth can be slightly uneven, misshaped and grooved, which can cause a self-image problem when it comes to speaking and smiling. The resin used in dental bonding will fill in gaps, creating a more natural contour to the teeth. It can improve the look of your teeth and smile in a matter of minutes. Your teeth will have a more natural look and feel.

Get Rid of Tough Stains

There are some stains that teeth whitening cannot help. The stain of antibiotics is one. Chronic smoking and heavy coffee drinking can make the whitening process a waste of money. Dental bonding will cover the stains and make your teeth brilliantly white again. This can be done in one office visit. You do have to limit eating and drinking items that can stain teeth after the procedure. The resin can stain faster than regular tooth enamel.

Create an Even Look to Your Teeth

An uneven smile due to odd sized teeth is a problem that can easily be fixed using dental bonding. Layer by layer, the dentist adds the resin and creates a more even look to your teeth. You will finally have the winning smile you were always meant to have.

Will Dental Bonding Wear Off?

Dental bonding should last the lifetime of your natural teeth. With proper oral care, they can last a lifetime. They are subject to staining and may require additional layers over the years.

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