Improve your smile with regular Dental Checkup

Improve your smile with regular Dental Checkup

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Your smile is something that should last a lifetime. With Chicago dental implants, it will. It is important for your overall health to get missing teeth replaced, which include the health of remaining teeth. When you are missing natural teeth, you also lose functionality and many other issues.

An incomplete smile is not only embarrassing, but you risk a rapidly deteriorating mouth when left untreated. Implant-supported teeth help you look better, feel better and live a better quality of life.

Below are more lifelong benefits to replacing missing or damaged teeth.

Your Appearance Improves

One of the major benefits to getting this procedure is implants preserve bone. Additionally, implants can prevent further deterioration of your facial structure. As a result, your appearance improves.

Compromised or missing natural teeth negatively affect your jawbone, which stops stimulation for bone growth. Once your body senses that your jawbone has stopped supporting teeth, it will begin dissolving away. Getting implants may take up to 20 years off your smile by stopping wrinkles and a collapsing facial structure.

You See Immediate Results

In most cases, replacing failing or missing teeth with implant-supported ones can be done in one procedure. This means you will only have to make one appointment and you can leave the office the same day with a new smile. Unlike waiting for dentures, you can experience immediate improvement in comfort, teeth stability and the ability to chew your favorite foods.

Restore Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

An unhealthy smile not only compromises your overall health, but it can also erode your self-confidence and self-esteem. Implants can help you feel better about yourself as you engage in conversations with other people.

This procedure gives you a worry-free and pain-free second chance to put your best smile forward. Implants look and feel like real teeth. Whether on the job or in social settings, you are able to laugh, smile and eat without reservations.

Your Comfort Level in Everyday Situations Increases

Another difference between implants and dentures is you never have to take implant-supported teeth out. Brushing, flossing, sleeping, eating and drinking are the same as with permanent teeth.

By replacing an entire tooth, which includes the root, your smile feels and functions like the teeth with which you were born. Your entire mouth is restored to its most natural state. No one will know the difference unless you decide to tell them.

Implants give you a healthier mouth and reduce your chances of getting periodontal disease, which never improves by itself. Improving your oral health will also improve your overall health and give you a lifetime of happy smiles!