Prostate Problem Warning Signs

Prostate Problem Warning Signs

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Many men have problems with their prostate as they begin to age. The problems often start out as small and unnoticeable and eventually become so painful they can be debilitating. When this happens it can become extremely difficult or even impossible to urinate. This is why it’s a good idea to make prostate check ups a regular part of your annual doctor visit. Many situations can be alleviated if they are caught soon enough.

Difficulty or Inability to Urinate
One of the initial symptoms of prostate problems is difficulty urinating. The urine stream may become slow or reduce to a trickle, requiring painful pushing just to produce a small amount of urine. Men may also find themselves having to go to the bathroom several times during the night. Unfortunately, problems with the prostate usually become progressive leading to more problems and intensified pain.

Urine and Semen with Traces of Blood
Prostate issues are marked by both unnoticeable and noticeable symptoms. One symptom that can only be detected through testing is the presence of blood or urine in both semen and/or urine. This is why any unexplained symptoms should prompt you to see a doctor. The sooner you catch the symptom the sooner you can get the help needed to fix it.
Symptoms that go unchecked can often deteriorate to the point of cancer. However, instead of guessing, go get a check up. It shouldn’t take specialized catalyst cleaning services to get you involvrf enough to take care of your health.

Aches & Pains
when a prostate problem has become progressive, it is common to experience aches and pains in the hips, back and chest areas. You may even experience an achiness in the bones. The pain coming from these areas and your bones, in general, is a possible sign that cancer has spread to your bones. The slow assault on your bones doesn’t stop there. When cancer spreads to the spinal cord, the pressure can cause tingling sensations in the back area and numbness in the feet and legs. There’s also the eventual loss of bladder control. Even seemingly unrelated symptoms like erectile dysfunction can be associated with the prostate.

It’s a good idea to get your prostate tested during your annual visits. A routine check-up has the ability to catch problems with the prostate before too much happens. The symptoms can be wide and varied and seem not to be related, but they very well maybe. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of prostate cancer so that you know what to look for.