What are Phen Diet Pills?

What are Phen Diet Pills?

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Phentermine drug is a family of amphetamine and also classified as Schedule – IV drug, which is also known as anti-obesity drug, is a doctor prescribed pill (dietary pills) for overweight people to suppress hunger. The dietary Phentermine pills usually act on the nervous system. These pills are anorectic agents, act on nervous system by the chemicals or the signals released by brain related to hunger.  The diet pills usually attack the hypothalamus region of the brain. The hypothalamus is mainly responsible for sending the signals of hunger, sleep cycles, and many more to the body. The calorie intake is minimized by these diet pills, as these pills reduce the metabolism of fatty acids and starch from the food. These diet pills are usually prescribed for short-term along with regular exercise and low calorie food to the people who are suffering from chronic weight and also whose body mass index (BMI) is more than the regular limitations. These pills expedite the process of weight reduction and help the people from the negative health risks of overweight.

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Dosage to be Slimmed:

The Phentermine drug shall be taken as per the prescription. The dosage of the drug shall not be exceeded beyond the physician prescription. It shall also be accompanied with the exercises and low calorie diet. The person taking these drugs shall be regularly monitored by the physician. If required the amount of dosage and time span to use these drugs will be adjusted by the physician. The dosage of the drugs is also dependent on the age and health conditions of the person. At the initial stages, the person will be closely monitored such that the physician gets to find the best suitable dosage for the person. The individual shall not take multiple appetite suppressants. Before taking any kind of appetite suppressant drugs or specially Phentermine drugs, the individual is responsible of providing the complete health history to the physician. By providing the complete health history, the physician analyses the health condition of the individual and helps to determine the dosage and the period of drug to be prescribed to the individual. As this helps in avoiding certain health risks associated with the drugs. The dosage of these drugs shall never be exceeded as it can lead to life threatening side effects. The outcome of these drugs varies from person to person. These drugs are fall under the category of psycho stimulants, as it directly affects the human behavior. For some it becomes the habit, due to its ability of releasing the chemicals affecting on the nervous system.

The drugs should never be taken with alcohol as it may have negative effect on the central nervous system. An effective drug combination known as Fen-Phen is a good catch though.

The appetite suppressants act differently on every individual. The pace of weight loss also depends on the individuals current health conditions. There have been many success stories for many individuals. With the positive results from these drugs there has been reported with the negative side effects.  The drugs should always be taken in minimal doses per prescription and should be only for a short-term per prescribed by the physician.