Natural Ways to Keep your Body Cool in the Summer

Natural Ways to Keep your Body Cool in the Summer

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The normal human body temperature hovers around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But, sometimes this could change due to a wide range of factors such environmental factors. As the scorching rays of the sun beat down on us, our body temperature rises and causes a lot of discomfort.

Let us take a holistic look at how you can keep your body temperature in check and stay cool even on those unbearably hot days.



Wear the right clothes

It’s important to wear airy, comfortable clothing. Reach for cotton as much as possible and pick light colours over dark ones. Avoid wearing heavy, closed shoes and opt for light airy sandals and let your skin breathe.


Yoga and meditation has proven to be beneficial in more than ways. Alternate between your strenuous cardio or cool down with meditation to observe best effects. For immediate effects, roll your tongue inwards and breathe-in and out. This is called the Seetkari kriya and is a form of pranayam which leaves you with a cooling breath. Another pose that is both cooling and an excellent exercise to stay in shape is Bhujangasana (also known as the Cobra Pose). This activates the thyroid function which regulates the body temperature.

Eat Right

This is a critical step and affects your body temperature by a large degree. Eat food that are low of spices and it is best to avoid caffeine. Stay away from fatty and fried foods.  Your digestive system heats up in order to digest the food you’ve just eaten. To avoid your body from over-heating, stay hydrated by drinking lots of cool water or eating fruits like Watermelon that have a higher content of water.

Stay Hydrated

Although water is one of the best ways you can replenish your body, there area host of other options that you can choose to stay cool and hydrated. Juices are excellent options to stay cool naturally. Besides being able to order online medicines, Zigy also allows you to order teas and healthy foods that contribute to regulating body temperature among a range of other health benefits. Another natural example is the Indian gooseberry – it isn’t just an excellent source of Vitamin C but also ensures that the body temperature is kept in check.

Stay Cool from Outside

Keeping your skin cool makes you feel better. Take a cold shower, towel dry and also air dry before getting dressed this does wonders for your body temperature.  Be careful not to cool your body down too quickly as you might be at the risk of catching a cold. If you are at work or outdoors, run cool water on your wrists. This cools the pulse point and helps you stay cool and relaxed overall.

Adding to the heat, might be the food you are consuming. Caffeine, spices are all good for you but in moderation. It’s best to keep away from them during the summer and stay cool.

Another factor could be the medicines we take, before you buy medicines online, check with your doctor to see if any of the medicines or health supplements you are taking cause your body to heat up.