Popular choices for Cocktail Dresses Collection

Popular choices for Cocktail Dresses Collection

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Cocktail dresses or evening dresses are best known as party wear which is worn for functions, gettogethers and grand events. These dresses are generally revealing, could be of various lengths and have the power to look stunning in full display.

Some of the best cocktail dresses are:

  • Vintage Garden cocktail dresses: These dresses are of midi length and are perfect for garden parties because of their frilly frock-like appearance. These dresses have various neck patterns like scoop and cowl with embroidered seams which are elegant and can be used for both formal as well as informal events.


  • Party cocktail dress: Bell sleeves, strapless or sleeveless cocktail dresses are perfect for evening wear in a club or formal party event. These dresses are the trademark kind which is adorned with emblazoned strings, ribbons and satin giving it a velvety sheen and luxurious appearance. Colours like emerald green, navy blue and red are popular. The material is a good combination of spandex, rayon and knit.


  • Bodycon lace prom dress: Dresses like these is a high-quality dress which is perfect to flatter most eyes in the room because of its ravishing appearance of hugging the body, laced with sheer material and netted with sequins. It is comfortable and meshed together with the ideal combination of fabrics to give the perfect evening look.


  • Classic sleeveless party dress: This is a classic example of a netted neckline and opaque body vaguely resembling a peplum top and coming down to the knees. Found in black, blue, red and many more colours, this is the perfect example of a simple yet consistent dress pattern which never gets old. Elegance personified.


  • Lace evening dress: Graceful and absolutely stunning, cocktail dresses like these are found almost everywhere because of its intricate detailing and sequinned patterns. Full sleeves, without sleeves or half sleeved, gracing your evening with this beauty is undoubtedly going to leave your trail in place for weeks to come. Care must be taken to maintain this dress because of its material and layers of patterns, though it is worth every rupee. A timeless piece in true form.


  • Formal evening dress: These dresses are found in slight V or deep necks, flattering the body and cascading down the thighs. Soft luxuriant fabrics and knitting make the formal evening dress a tough choice to go without and it is extremely comfortable. Simple and understated, a classic that shall never fade despite time. Black and red are popular choices.


  • Vintage Retro Dress: Vintage dresses are known as classic timepieces because you can always go back to it, time and time again. Ideal for a retro night or old school gathering, these dresses are found in a U or V neck, with satin ribbons holding up the bodice and luxuriantly flow down your legs. Paired with the right heels, you are going to be rocking the stage in this ruffled soft beauty. Made of the right combination of fabrics, never lose out on investing in one of these. They’re also perfect for salsa and dancing platforms. Colours like maroon, black, midnight blue, silver, rose gold and champagne are a gorgeous delight to twirl in.


  • One shouldered woman’s cocktail dress: Famous these days, baring your shoulders or neck and modestly dressed down till the knees or in a floor sweeping gown is ragingly well acknowledged. Classic designs in black, silver, gold, peach and red embroidered with ribbons, lace and net gives you all the elegance you need.


  • Round neck tea party dress: Covered in lace, the neck of these dresses forms a deep V or has a sweetheart neckline which further comes down to form a flattering twirling skirt. Found in materials like nylon, knit, spandex, cotton and more; the combination of fabrics come together to create a gorgeous piece of work that will never go unnoticed. Colours like peach, red, blue, silver, rose gold, ombre and champagne give a charming elegant look. Soft shades enhance your appearance further making a woman look dainty and full. Comfortable and airy, why would you ever say no?