Pre-wedding Shoot Vs Wedding Shoot: Things You Should Know

Pre-wedding Shoot Vs Wedding Shoot: Things You Should Know

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Perhaps the best day of anybody’s life, the most cherished and talked about, is their wedding day. And what bliss it would be to relive that day. Your wedding photos give you a chance to peek into and experience, if not for real, your wedding day. You might not hear your wedding band or smell your partner’s perfume or experience how the weather was but you would certainly remember them through these photos.

There have been many drastic changes in the way this art is done now. Many new techniques and ways have been introduced which makes it even more attractive. The process of shooting these photos can be divided into two, the Pre-Wedding Shoot and the Wedding Shoot.


These are the things you need to know about the Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are usually done weeks or months before the wedding. These pre-wedding photos only have the bride and the groom posing together with a beautiful background. These are some casual photos of the couple away from the wedding setting or venue.

Many photographers recommend Pre-Wedding Shoot as it gives you some beautiful, alone time images of you and your partner and makes you comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. Also you can you can use these photos in many ways.

  • Know your photographer– While shooting Pre-wedding Photos you get to know your You see yourself through his camera lens for the first time which helps you decide whether he is good for the wedding day or not. Also you get comfortable with him which makes the wedding day shoot smooth.
  • Lose your camera fear– It is a good idea to face the camera before the big day. Pre-Wedding Shoot helps you overcome your camera fear and makes you comfortable before the camera.
  • On Invitations– You can use these photos on your wedding invitations, announcements and guestbook.
  • Slide Show– You can feature these Pre-Wedding photos at the reception. Pick some beautiful music to accompany the slides.
  • Guide your photographer– Guide your photographer by telling which photos you like and why. It helps the photographer to know your taste.

Some pre-wedding photography sessions are also done just before the wedding. These photos usually are of the bride and groom getting dressed, of the family preparing for the wedding and so on.

These are the things you need to know about the Wedding Shoot

This is the most important part of the whole process of discussion, planning, shooting and editing. The Wedding day photography is planned and choreographed well before the wedding day.

It starts with the Pre-Wedding Shoot then the Wedding followed by the reception. You need not worry about the photos that are needed to be taken. These photographers are professionals and know there work very well. However, the more thoroughly the events are discussed with the photographer the smoother the photography goes. You should be aware of certain things about your Wedding Day Shoot.

  • Hire a professional– It might cost you a little extra but it’s worth all the money. Considering the value of Wedding Photos, It’s no harm hiring a professional. They give you quality work which no one else can give. For example GoodService is one of the best service where you can hire professionals.
  • Discuss the event clearly– The most important part is explaining the photographer what you want from him. A photographer’s talent will be of no use if he cannot deliver what you want him to and for that you must clearly explain him how you want it. Discussion also avoids mishaps and clumsiness.
  • Power Backup– This is something the photographer has to take care of but don’t totally depend on him. Provide him with a power back up.

If you have discussed the plan well with you photographer and if he is a professional then you need not worry about anything, Sit back and enjoy your wedding and wait for the photos to come, everything else will be taken care of.


The Pre-Wedding Shoot and the Wedding Shoot are different yet interdependent. Pre-Wedding Shoot prepares you for the big day’s shoot and the Wedding Day Shoot continues the on cam journey you started on the Pre-Wedding, perhaps till eternity.