Shopping For Scrubs

Shopping For Scrubs

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Working in a healthcare environment, such as a hospital or a doctor’s office, often means that you will need to wear scrubs at some point. A scrub set includes pants and a top that is comfortable to wear, that usually has pockets on the top and on the pants and that is in a solid color. There are patterns that you can get as well, but you need to make sure the employer will allow designs in the workplace. There are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting scrubs, especially pants, so that they are comfortable while working with patients and performing other tasks.

When you go shopping for pants and a top, you need to try everything on before you make the purchase. Bend over in the scrubs, and move around like you would while working. This will give you an idea as to how the scrubs will feel when you’re on the hospital floor or when you’re in the office. There are different sizes of pants to choose from, some that are better for certain job situations. Tall scrubs pants are ideal for jobs that involves standing for longer periods of time as they can offer more support for the lower back and the stomach. They also stay up on the waist a bit better, preventing you from needing to pull them up while working.

Look at the price of the scrubs that you buy. The pants will usually be the most expensive. You can find scrubs online for sale or at consignment stores that take clothing or medical supplies. If you want to have several changes of scrubs to wear during the week, then consider getting outfits that are on clearance or that other people are selling as you’ll save a bit of money this way. There are a few trendy designs, but if you are working with patients and fluids all day, then you might want to stick with something basic that doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles that the expensive scrub sets offer, such as the tighter fits and the softer materials.