Three Signs You Need a New Roof

Three Signs You Need a New Roof

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If there is one thing that homeowners take for granted about having a roof over their head it’s actually having a roof over their head. Your home’s roof is its most important safety feature, protecting you and your family from the elements. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize the importance of it until something goes terribly wrong and they have an emergency.

There are a ton of contractors for roofing Quincy Massachusetts has that have seen what waiting too long to have a roof fixed can do. First of all, it’s an unsightly occurrence that greatly reduces the curb appeal of any home. Second, it is unsafe for the people in the home and the home itself. Don’t hesitate if you feel your roof needs to be replaced. In fact, here are a few signs you need to have your roof replaced as soon as possible.

1. Sponginess – Get up and walk around on your roof from time to time. If it feels spongy or even bouncy while you are doing so, it could mean that there is a problem. Usually, this means that too much moisture has gotten into the body of the roof. This could lead to that moisture getting into your attic, causing more problems with mold and ruined insulation. If you experience this bouncy feeling, have your roof looked at by a professional immediately.

2. It’s Age – Your roof may seem to be in great condition. If it’s old, this could change at any minute. Any roof that is over twenty years of age should probably be replaced before it’s too late. Always ask about the age of the roof before deciding whether or not to purchase a home. This is an unexpected cost that could be a huge issue if not addressed properly.

3. Shingles – There are a few ways your shingles tell you that it is time for a new roof over your head. It’s a sign there is a problem if there are shingles missing from the roof or if there are broken pieces of the shingle of “shingle dust” found in the gutters when you are cleaning the. Missing or broken shingles could be an indicator that something even more serious is happening below the surface of the roof. Don’t ignore the message your shingles are trying to send to you. Get a new roof.