Tips For Planning a Family Reunion

Tips For Planning a Family Reunion

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Have you volunteered, or been out in charge of planning a family reunion? Whether this is the first or one of many for your family, follow these recommendations from the party planning professionals and you’ll be on your way to making memories that will last a lifetime. Some family reunions have as many as one hundred attendees and others top the scale at twenty five. Either way, plenty of advance planning will ensure a successful trip for all.

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The first order of business is to determine the dates and the budget. Knowing what each family member will pay for travel, accommodations and dining will allow the planning process to being. If you’re considering a destination reunion instead of one in your home town, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and booking travel arrangements through Set up a website or social media page containing all the information about the event. This should include links for booking travel and accommodations through group rates you’ve negotiated in advance. It should make very clear what funds are due to the organizers of the event and the deadline for making a commitment to attending.

Consider having t-shirts made with the year, destination and names of members attending. There are many online shops that will take these orders. Make sure to have the attendees indicate t-shirt size with their attendance confirmations.  This will be a great memory gift for all the attendees.

Finally, enlist several family members to suggest and confirm activities that would be appropriate for different age groups. If necessary, engage a local babysitting service so the adults can have at least one evening without small children.  Decide if a large dinner will be held in honor of the occasion, the venue and the menu. Details can all be shared either on the website or social media page.

Prepare to have a grand time reconnecting with family members from near and far.  This event will be a special occasion and everyone should commit to taking lots of pictures for generations to come to enjoy!