What to Consider Before Getting a Nose Job

What to Consider Before Getting a Nose Job

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Getting a nose job is a huge decision and one that can be life changing for an individual. You must live with looking in the mirror every day and if you really don’t like the shape of your nose due to genetics or through an injury, this can be very damaging to your mental health. Although people may say it is fine, for you it may not be. If you are unhappy with your nose this can slowly damage your mental health. If you are considering a nose job, also called a rhinoplasty, here a few things to consider before you contact a surgeon.

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What Happens During Surgery

A rhinoplasty involves manipulating both the upperpart of the nose which is made up of bone, and the lower part which is made up of cartilage. This is so the surgeon can give you the desired results whether you want a thinner nose, a flatter nose, the removal of a bump and many more. Depending on the desired result depends on how the surgeon does this. Some noses need to be broken to do this, others may not.

What About the Pain?

Of course, with any surgery comes a certain amount of pain. A lot of this depends on your pain threshold and how much you want your nose fixed. A surgeon will be able to give you effective pain relief and you will not feel the procedure. You will be sedated, and this means you are more than likely not even aware of anybody touching your nose, you will just feel very relaxed and may drift in and out of sleep. This is a very safe procedure and is done in the U.S millions of times a year. Pain relief will be given afterwards, and you will need to rest up and be careful for a few days. You will also be bandaged up for an amount of time, so you will not see your new nose straight away!

Finding the Right Doctor

You are trusting somebody to change something that can be seen every day. You need to find someone you can talk to and someone you can trust. Do not trust deals that seem too good to be true. Find a clinic that looks sanitary and with medical certificates on the walls so you know they have the right qualifications to keep you safe and give you the desired look you want. Often checking websites and social media pages will give a good insight into if the surgeon is trustworthy as people leave reviews and there will be before and after shots for you to look at. There are many trusted professionals in the U.S who perform nose jobs every week, such as a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty in Maryland.

Ensure you find a doctor you trust as this is a life changing decision and can cost a lot of money, therefore you want the desired look first time. If you will be happier with a nose job, do what is best for you. If you are doing it for the right reasons, any plastic surgeon will be more than happy to help.