When Plastic Surgery Is Over

When Plastic Surgery Is Over

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After you have plastic surgery, you might think that you can just get up and go back to living life like you did before the procedure. While you can do the same things that you did, it will take a few days to recover, and if you don’t keep your health in mind, then you might see that the recovery process is a bit longer and could result in a trip back to the doctor. It’s best to rest for the first few days after surgery to ensure that any incisions will heal properly and to monitor any drains that are placed. A plastic surgery North Carolina office will usually want you to get your incision checked about a week after the procedure to make sure that you’re healing and to give you details about going back to work or lifting items in the home once again.

In the event that you have surgery done to the face such as a rhinoplasty or a brow lift, you need to apply ice to the affected area. This will help to keep the swelling to a minimum and to help any bruising go away as quickly as possible. Make plans for your recovery time no matter what kind of surgery you have done. Talk to your employer to schedule time off, and talk to your family so that they know that they will have to step in and do tasks around the house.

Think about the reality of your surgery and what will happen when it’s over. You will likely look much worse before you start seeing the benefits of the procedure. Avoid looking in a mirror if you don’t want to see what you look like at first. Get help with changing any bandages or other medical items that you’re sent home with so that you aren’t doing everything on your own. You’ll be given medications for pain by the doctor. It’s important to take these as prescribed so that you are comfortable during the recovery process. If you’re in pain, then it can make getting over the surgery longer as the body will sometimes swell in response to the pain or try to fight off healing.