Wholesale wiping rags

Wholesale wiping rags

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Let’s say you own a painting company. In addition to the paint, brushes, tarps, ladders, and other equipment needed for your ongoing projects, you also need rags. These textiles are required to wipe drips from walls and floors, clean moldings, and dry brushes and rollers once washed so they don’t stiffen up. Oh, they’re also for cleaning your shoes when you accidentally step in a tray of paint.

These rags can be gathered in a number of ways. First, they can be from used tarps, towels, or other textiles which are no longer usable. Second, they can come from the local, big box hardware store. Third, they can come from a wholesaler. Out of the three, wholesale wiping rags may be the best solution for a company like your which frequently uses these wiping implements.

It comes down to quantity. You may only be able to make a few rags from your used textiles. Or, you may only be able to purchase rags in a certain amount at the big box store. Yes, you can purchase multiple packs, but the cost can exceed your supply budget. By purchasing wholesale, you can buy industrial rags in bulk for a much lower cost. In addition, some companies like Reclaimed Textiles use recycled items to create their rags.

What you need to look for when you purchase these rags wholesale is what they offer for your industry. If you need painting rags, do they offer a bulk discount or is it a fixed price no matter how many you order? You also need to know how they’ll be shipped as this can increase the amount you actually pay. Material-wise, you want rags which will be sturdy, absorbent when it comes to liquids, and washable. Not to the point they’ll become pristine, but good enough so a majority of the grime is removed.

It may be best to speak with other companies in your industry who order their rags wholesale to see who they use. Though you may be in competition, there’s nothing stopping you from pairing up with them in order to get a better deal on your order. Just make sure the company you order from will work with both of you before any purchase is made.