Why You Need to Start Maintaining Your Own EHRs

Why You Need to Start Maintaining Your Own EHRs

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Almost all healthcare service providers are now using electronic health records or EHRs as part of their workflows. The use of EHRs is mandatory and the implementation of electronic medical records brings a lot of benefits. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions can have more information about a patient, allowing them to provide better services and proper treatments more effectively.

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Depending on the EHR system used by the medical institution, your electronic health records may be uploaded to the cloud or stored in a flash drive. That said, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy when you choose to also maintain your own EHRs.

Better Treatment

Thanks to standardized electronic health records, it is much easier to get the best treatment possible, with doctors and physicians having all the information they need. You no longer have to carry a bundle of medical records everywhere, as you can simply grant access to your electronic health records.

The best doctors and physicians now have medical scribes helping them process information. A medical scribe can help doctors browse through a complete medical history and provide them with the necessary details required to treat you as a patient.

The result of EHR implementation is better treatment at any time. No matter where you are and the kind of health issue you have, you can always expect good healthcare services.

Easy Management

Another reason why maintaining your own EHRs is a good idea is the fact that you can manage your electronic health records more easily. For starters, there are mobile apps designed to help you store and maintain a complete medical history using nothing but your smartphone. You can instantly create a temporary login to grant doctors and nurses access. They can then update your medical history directly, which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining the record at all.

There are also cloud services designed to store EHRs. These services follow a strict set of security standards to ensure all EHRs are stored safely in the cloud. Similar to mobile apps, you can also provide doctors and practitioners with temporary login.

You can even manage access more meticulously if you’re managing your own EHRs. You can, for example, grant access to certain parts of your medical history only. You can also share medical images and diagnostic results as needed.

Second Opinions

The biggest advantage to enjoy from maintaining your own EHRs is the ability to get second opinions, including from doctors and specialists from different parts of the world. All you have to do is set up a temporary access to diagnostic results and you can easily get help from doctors and physicians, no matter where they are.

Second opinions from a specialist can make a lot of difference. The only way you can get accurate diagnoses is by providing the doctor with the right set of information and test results. Of course, having a complete electronic medical records at your fingertips means you can enjoy this benefit, and the previous benefits we have covered in this article, without a problem.