5 Traps to avoid while looking for a property in Kolkata

5 Traps to avoid while looking for a property in Kolkata

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Buying a property can be a big leap in your financial health, but if you rush into it, you might end up paying a lot more than you had originally imagined. Here are some tips to help you understand the common traps that come with property-hunting and how to avoid the same.

One of the most sought-after assets in the country right now is property. If you are from metropolitan areas such as Kolkata, you will be aware of the growth pace of the city and the need to get your place before it is too late. With more and more people looking to move there, property has become coveted across the city.

While is it a good step financially to invest in your home, there are plenty of ways to do it. While everyone has different requirements and ideas, it is always a good idea to look out for a certain number of things and avoid them to make your search easier.

If you are looking for property in Kolkata, here are five traps you should definitely avoid:

  • Relying heavily on commute

Yes, it can be a pain to find the house of your dreams but if you are looking for your home, make sure that you start off by looking at an area that you are comfortable with. More and more projects are starting up in the outskirts of the city, and while it might be cheaper and new, you’ll end up commuting a lot more than you had originally planned to. You can get equally good deals within the city if you look enough so don’t give up too soon.

  • Relying on your broker

While having a real estate agent helps you find homes quicker, it won’t be a good idea to rely on him for every piece of information completely. Along with your broker, dip your toes into the market and keep a lookout for homes that might interest you. Remember, the broker is working for you as well as for the owner. If you end up liking a house, make sure that you speak to the owner and hash out the details instead of leaving it to your broker.

  • Additional Cost

Another thing you should keep in mind is an additional cost. Although the owners might talk about the house being in top shape, it does not hurt to get your own contractor to inspect the house. These might be additional costs, but it will surely help you know if the house you are buying is worth it. Never pass this up.

  • Sample flats

If you are looking for a brand new property in Kolkata, do not expect the house/flat you are buying to look exactly like the sample flat. Visit the flat and see if you can envision yourself in it. Sample flats are built and done up to catch your fancy so never buy based on sample flats.

  • Verbal communication

If the owner or the agent promises you something verbally, do not take their word for it completely. When you are looking for a property, owners look to sell their home and make the maximum profit off of it. So if the house needs to be repainted, rewired or more, ensure that you get it in writing.

These are simple traps that you can avoid when you are looking for a property in Kolkata. It can get exhausting to check out multiple houses without finding the one you like at once, but if you follow these tips, the journey can be a whole lot smoother!