Data Recovery Software: Recover Your Files With Simplified Procedures

Data Recovery Software: Recover Your Files With Simplified Procedures

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EaseUS data recovery software has been among the top recovery software, due to its dedicated tools and simplified processes. The software makes use of easy-to-use features to make the software accessible to everyone. It also has an interactive interface, which helps the user in navigating towards most of the features easily. Most of the processes are automated, so that the user does not have to get involved in complicated procedures.


The software is one of the best tools to recover files such as compressed, documents, video, email and music files. It is known to recover permanently deleted or lost files, and can also recover files that are inaccessible due to certain situations, such as lost partitions, OS crash, hard disk crash, system crash, virus attacks, malware etc.

The EaseUS recovery software supports a number of storage devices, such as pen drives, external hard disk, flash drives, MP4 players, iPod, Media Players, CD/DVDs etc.


The software is readily available to download and install on the official website of the company. At the website, four different packages can be found, with each of them having their own advantages. These are namely, the Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE, and Technical package. The free package can allow the user to have a taste of the software’s features and interface free of cost. The only limitation in this package is that the user is allowed to recover only 2 GB of data.

If the user wishes to recover more, he or she needs to purchase the Pro or Pro+WinPE package. These packages offer the full capabilities of the software, along with unlimited amount of data recovery and additional technical support. The technical package is more corporate-centred, and extends the technical license, which means that if you own a firm, you can distribute the software further to your staff.

Once you have your desired package downloaded and installed in your system, you can start the software to initiate an analysis of storage devices. Once it is finished, all the storage devices will be listed in front of you, and you will need to select one where the search will commence.

Scanning Process

The search is divided into two different parts. These are the quick scan mode and deep scan mode. The quick scan mode is faster mode, which focuses on offering results quickly. It searches the disk for data remnants, left behind by recently recover deleted files which had been emptied from the recycle bin. It brings forth results within a few minutes. The user can then choose to recover from these results or move onto the second part, which is the deep scan mode.

The deep scan mode is a more in-depth and advanced mode, which scans files previously skipped by quick scan mode. It retrieves all the files, which had been lost in past, and also scans hidden, system and inaccessible files.

After the results are displayed, the user has the option to recover them by the click of a button. Alongside the usual, various additional features are also packed inside the EaseUS Data recovery software, which can assist people in recovering their files with ease.