5 Best Material Handling Equipment

5 Best Material Handling Equipment

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The material handling equipment sector requires a number of different tools and vehicles in order to move the large amounts of materials from one place to another. There are different types of material handling equipment available in the market, depending on what the equipment is needed for. The material handling equipment (MHE) sector is an extremely important sector in different industries, particularly the construction industry where there is a need for moving raw materials as well as finished goods. Listed below are the five main types of material handling equipment that are usually used in a construction site-

  1. Backhoe loaders- this type of equipment is most commonly used to move raw materials for buildings at construction sites. The main function of a backhoe loader is in excavation. The main components of the backhoe loader are a tractor, a front shovel, a backhoe in the rear, and a bucket.
  2. Cranes- this type of equipment is the most common one seen in construction sites. The main function of this equipment is to lift and move large and heavy materials from lower parts of the site to upper floors. There are different types of cranes available such as all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, and lattice boom cranes and so on.
  3. Forklifts- these are another common type of equipment found in construction sites. Forklifts are operated using a truck that is attached to a large steel fork. These forks usually pick up large amounts of material by lifting them through the pallets they are placed on
  4. Dump trucks- dump trucks are usually seen in the beginning and end stages of construction when large amounts of loose materials have to be moved from the construction site to a different place for disposal. The loose materials that are usually moved are sand, gravel, and dirt. A dump truck is fitted with an open box in the back that is operated through hydraulics. This allows the driver of the truck to simply tip over the contents at the dumping site. There are different types of dump trucks available today such as a transfer dump truck, side dump truck, as well as off-road dump trucks. There are even more variations available depending on what purpose is to be served
  5. Front loaders- there are different names that front loaders go by including front end loaders, bucket loaders, as well as scoop loaders. The function of a front loader is to move materials around the construction site itself depending on where the material is required. The loader that is attached to the tractor can often be detached from the tractor itself as and when the need arises

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