A complete guide to saving money on flight tickets

A complete guide to saving money on flight tickets

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Getting to that destination of choice by flight always seems like an easy adventure until you’re faced with the inevitable heavy costs. Like stock prices, airfare prices often fluctuate and thus need a budget conscious traveler to be ready-set for the lower costs. But, today, many airline companies have introduced low-cost airlines that are aimed to cater for the low-cost travelers, while still keeping the high-cost airplanes with extra perks and extended destinations.

Low-cost airlines often operate locally. Mango airlines in South Africa set a good example of local operation low-cost airlines wherein they fly across the cities of the country. You can still find others that offer international travel at fairly lower prices so you can save more on flight tickets. The thought of saving money on tickets can be overwhelming, especially for the novice fliers.

How to save money tremendously on airline tickets? You have probably come across some redundant information online in your search. We are not going to consume much of your time, but simply going to give you a succinct complete guide on how to save money on flight tickets.

Saving tips on flight tickets

Pick low-cost airlines

Flying with a low-cost airline is a foremost decision for any budget conscious flier. What’s the point of opting for a, say, for example, a South African Airways airplane as the luxurious parent company whereas Fly Mango is available?

However, an unwise plan can end up costing you a lot. These low-cost airlines often come with some extras compromised such as luggage charges, entertainment, and catering. With this in mind, find out the maximum allowable luggage onboard as well as the charges if you exceed the maximum load. Even if you can exceed it, there is a limit which, no matter how much you can try to bribe your way in, they won’t allow you access.

Arrange your catering plan ahead to cut the cost as well. Note that some reserved seats, too, can cost you a fortune. To save money on flight tickets, you want to avoid as many as possible the extravagant extras.

Be flexible with your travel time

Just like we’ve highlighted above that airfare prices do fluctuate, you have to be flexible. Being flexible entails opening your eyes to keep track of the favorite days where flight tickets are usually cheaper. Attempting to book a flight for holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and the Christmas is a financial suicide if you plan to save tremendously.

So, choose the periods that are not dubbed as peak periods for the airlines. During the week, we reckon you take flights ideally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as less busy days. A weekend flight will be slightly expensive. The bottom-line is that, be prepared at all the times and wait for the cheapest periods, unless of course you’re compelled to attend a business meeting.

Best time to book the flight tickets

There are countless myths about the ideal book time. Some say book ahead of taking the trip and others say wait for the last minutes when flights are desperately waiting for passengers to fill them to capacity. There is nothing concrete about these presumptions.

The trends can actually help project some good times to book. Some experts say, let it be about 6 weeks before time. Normally, tickets are for sale months before departure for many of the trips. In those periods tickets may be high. The last minute ticket sales are also not encouraged. 21 days could be an ideal time to book your flight where the prices might be affordable. The discounts depend on how heavily a flight has been booked.

Sign up for special programs

Just relying on your credit card only in purchasing the flight tickets leads you to lose some potential discounts. Airlines often associate with some retail stores and restaurants in offering promotional cards or special programs. There are some points you earn based on your purchases, and they can unfold lots of opportunities such as free flight, free foods, and many more extras.

Moreover, airlines occasionally launch some discounts to their loyal subscribers on their mailing list. You can consider subscribing to the newsletters to stay abreast with the cheap flight rates. Even by following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can have a significant benefit of special announcements.

With this concise yet incredibly informative complete guide on how to save money on flight tickets, we believe many can start today without hesitation to book for their low-cost airlines. The fundamental steps entail choosing the best low-cost airline, booking in advance, flying during less busy periods and staying abreast with occasional discounts the airline offers.