Explore a whole new world

Explore a whole new world

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page,” Saint Augustine.

Nothing rings truer than these words. The world is such a mesmerizing place. There are stories of war, revolution, battle, peace, love engrained just about everywhere. Even in the most crowded of places you can find peace and in a country of strangers you can find friends.

Most of us have a dream of exploring the world outside our own comfort zone. To step into a world of new possibilities, new places and meet new people. One aspiration most people have, especially the hard-working youth is to explore new places and go on a world tour with their family or friend.

Astha has promised herself that before she turned 30, she would go on a Europe tour with her closest friends. Astha and her three best friends decided to no matter what stage in life they would be in, they would pack their bags and explore Europe.

While her friends had already started saving for the trip, Astha had not planned her finances in advance. When they finally started planning their trip, she realised that she will run short of money. She did the next best thing. She decided to ask her parents that if she could borrow some money from them. Unfortunately, her father was going through a slump in his business and was in no position to sponsor her trip, he knew that this would break her heart as this was something she always wanted to do.

A few weeks later, it was her birthday and she found a mysterious envelope on her desk. When she opened it, it had a round-trip ticket to Europe. She knew that this was something only her dad would do for her.

A travel loan would be just like a personal loan and they could pay the instalments very easily with the flexi EMI options. With the encouragement and support from her father, Astha decided the world is her oyster and she was ready for new possibilities.