Mumbai, the city of Seven Islands

Mumbai, the city of Seven Islands

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Mumbai, the magical city of Maharashtra, is one of the most populated cities in the world. This city is heaven for all the people who are in love with movies and want to make something out of them in the said line. This city is infamously known for being the city that never stops and is always in rush. One can see the enthusiasm in the people here of wanting to make something for themselves.

The financial capital of India, this city is working around the clock. Not just the capital of the financial world, this city is also the capital city for Bollywood or we can say the heart of Bollywood lies in this city. The city is also home to most of the Bollywood stars and one can go and look at their houses from outside. One can see and be a part of the crowd that waits for their stars to eagerly come out of their houses.

Another point that strikes out the most to anyone visiting the place is the diversity available in that city. One can see the tall skyscrapers and slums in the same vicinity. Mumbai is so much more than a place, a city. It is the culture, the diversity, the dreams and the hard work.

The late to early morning marine drive through the Queen’s necklace is sure to take all your worries away. And there is nothing to compliment the drive more than drinking the cutting chai from the local stall with the view of the sea at the end of that road.

Another thing that one needs to experience firsthand in Mumbai is the religious belief that people have in this city. One needs to visit the Siddhi VinayakMandir to see the grand idol of Lord Ganesha that has been adorned with jewels and gold. This temple is considered to be very auspicious and is very famous among the local as well people from all over India.

One also needs to visit Haji Ali Dargah. This Dargah is considered to one of the most powerful Dargah and to one’s amusement no one has till date be able to understand how the whole Dargah has despite floating on a high wave part of the sea has never once been affected by it.

Not just that, after a long day one can enjoy the beachside in Juhu and try the ice golas and some of the street food of India. Mumbai also houses some of the best bars, restaurants, and cafes of India. One needs to try the Mughal Biryani and beer tower in Café Leopold.

Mumbai has a little to cater to everyone. From shopping in the local markets of Bandra to shopping some of the big brands, from eating the roadside food to eating in some of the fanciest restaurants, Mumbai is a delight. And one can book a taxi in Mumbai and be a part of all this life.

Mumbai is also very close to Pune (147.8kms). One can hire Mumbai to Pune one way cabs and reach Pune. Pune is another city of Maharashtra that has been very popular among the crowd, be it the weather or the heritage sites. The city in every corner of it portrays a very rich Marathi culture.

One can enjoy the city’s pride, Shaniwar Wada while in the city. This was once a palace that belonged to the Peshwa Rulers. One can observe a unique blend of the Mughal architecture as well as a Marathi Craftsmanship in this palace. One can also enjoy the lighting show that happens in the palace premises every evening.