December 6, 2019

3 Unusual Ways Your Car Can Become Damaged By Wind

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Wind can feel good on a hot summer day, but it can freeze you to the bone as it whips against your body as temperature drop. When the wind gathers enough strength, it can also do damage to your home or vehicle as it becomes wilder and more chaotic. Here are three unusual ways your car can become damage by wind.


You may think nothing about parking under a tree during a storm, but you should think again. Tree branches can become heavy with ice and snow, which can cause them to weaken and crack. Once that happens, the wind can whip the tree limb loose and send it crashing onto your car. That is when you call an auto body repair Denver CO and explain you have a very different situation for them to handle.


Winds alone won’t do much damage to your car as long as they don’t pick your vehicle up and toss it around, but the debris the winds pick up and throw against your vehicle is another story. From garbage cans to sections of fencing to children’s toys, the wind can gather just about anything not secured to the ground and throw it against your vehicle with enough strength to cause dents, dings, and scratches.


Recent reports of hail the size of a softball shattered windshields and caused huge dents in many cities across the United States. Although you may not worry about huge hail falling from the sky in record proportions to crash against your vehicle, you may have to worry about the small hail stones that fall regularly in your area. Hail can cause a tremendous amount of damage if the heavens throw it with enough force.

Your car can become a victim of winter winds if they become strong enough. As a preventative measure, park indoors when possible, and keep an auto body shop and your insurance company on speed dial all winter long.