November 17, 2019

Alternative Pain Management Techniques for Chronic Pain Sufferers

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Chronic pain can severely affect your life. Being able to control the pain can help you return to work and function close to normal. Many people associate pain management with opioids, but there are many ways pain doctors can treat pain beyond opioids.


Medical marijuana is now approved in many states even in states who have not legalized recreational usage. The medicinal properties of the plant can help ease chronic pain or pain associated with cancer. Many of the clinics dispensing medical marijuana have low to zero levels of THC which is the chemical associated with getting high. Your pain management clinic Jacksonville FL may provide additional information on the suitability of the plant for you.


Vitamins and supplements may offer some relief. Glucosamine has been shown to be beneficial for joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. Arthritis and diabetic nerve pain may see relief with the use of topical capsaicin. Reduce swelling pain with fish oil. Depending on your other health concerns, some vitamins and supplements may not be a good choice. Side effects or contraindications with other prescribed medications can happen. Be sure to speak with your doctor before starting any new supplements or vitamins.


The endorphins common during and after exercising can improve your mood and increase your energy levels. They can also help relieve some pain. Even something as simple as a walk every day can help the chronic pain sufferer find some relief. Certain health conditions may limit the amount and intensity of exercise recommended. It is always best to speak with a medical professional prior to starting a program.


Some pain doctors may offer acupuncture as a treatment option. This Eastern approach to medicine has helped some chronic pain sufferers find relief. Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, back injuries and osteoarthritis pain have been helped by acupuncture methods. While the details on how it works are unclear, some patients may find it an alternative way to find relief.