5 Top Tips for Selling your Car Online

5 Top Tips for Selling your Car Online

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If you have decided to sell your car online, you might already be plagued with a deluge of misgivings and doubts around this issue. If this rings a bell, read on to know the rudimentary tips you would have to keep in mind before selling your car online.

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  1. Fix on the Value of your Car

For this guideline to materialize into an estimate price quote, you would have to conduct a thorough research online, as well as ask your friends and family if they have been through the same situation. While quoting a price range, along with keeping in mind your own profit expectations, you would also have to consider how much the average buyer would be willing to pay for your car. You could very well look into the transaction history of the cars similar to yours which have been sold recently to acquire a concrete estimate of your price quote. If you go to online car dealers, like Dixie Ford, you can tally the price of your car against the others.

  1. Write a Detailed Description

Make sure that you take your time to come up with the most accurate and precise description of your car and its existing condition. Your description is what will attract potential buyers to your page and generate more interest in your sale. Harp on the advantages your car would have over that of others. However, the description need not be entirely data-based- you could personalize the account for a livelier representation. Additionally, your pricing must be corroborated by the condition of your car. It is mandatory to be transparent about the conditions and the defaults of the car as the upholder of your integrity to the likely customer.

  1. Photograph your Car

The customer would rarely be seduced by the words alone. You would have to upload a number of recent pictures of your car to facilitate the customer to have an idea of the state of your car. Make sure the car looks clean and decent in the photographs you upload. But on the other hand, you must never Photoshop or retouch the images of visible dents or chips on the chassis of your car, as the customer has the right to know all of the characteristics of the car before buying it.

  1. Respond Quickly

Once you start receiving calls and emails by prospective buyers, make sure to get back to them within a 24 hour deadline (or shorter). It is always a good idea to provide your telephone number so that you can have a direct correspondence with them, rather than them sending an email and it going unnoticed for long.

  1. Have the Paperwork Ready

Once the sale is verbally confirmed, you would need to present all the necessary paperwork to your buyer. Have them at your disposal before time. You will need the papers that sanction you as the title holder, which will enable you to be the one legally selling the car. Apart from that, you will be requiring a bill of sale for the buyer as a proof of the sale, and as the proof that the ownership and insurance now does not belong to you anymore. Be certain that the registration of the car is updated as well.

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