What to look while selecting a driving school?

What to look while selecting a driving school?

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There are plenty of driving schools out there in the market, but good ones are difficult to find. Usually people look for driving school either when they are planning to purchase a car or any other vehicle or when they are about to appear for driving license.

Not every driving school is good. A learner requires a good driving lesson which can ensure his safety as well the people who are travelling with him/her. Here are the few characteristics to look for when selecting a driving school-

  1. Good instructor

The first and the most important thing to look into while selecting a driving school is an instructor, who is good, skilled and specially certified from appropriate authority. The person who has a long experience in the field of driving will be able to impart quality driving lesson and many tips and tricks that can be of help in case of emergency. Not only this but an instructor should be patient and understand the fact that learner is naïve and should not hurry the classes. Apart from all of this he should have a good communication and teaching skill.

  1. Comprehensive theory class

A learner not only needs practical lessons but there is equal need for some theory classes which will enable him to learn basics of driving. Learning the parts of vehicle and their usage or the basic know how is necessary before the practical sessions to avoid any unnecessary confusion. The lessons should comprise of learning the important traffic signals or their sign boards, traffic rules and safe driving procedures. Also, information about emergency situations should also be provided along with certain important tricks.

  1. Practical sessions

Practical sessions are the one of the important factor while choosing a driving school. They help in building the confidence of the learner. Driving school should be flexible with the timings while providing the driving lesson. Every learner should get adequate time and opportunity to learn. There should be properly planned driving lessons which are to be imparted to the learner. The next day’s lesson should be dependent solely on the previous day’s progress of the learner. There should be no rush to complete the course. Another important thing is that driving schools should employ vehicles with dual control system so that instructor has full control over the system. It will ensure that no mishap occurs.

The practical sessions should help learner to get better control over the steering, brakes, clutch and accelerator. Also, they should give better instructions while making the learner learn how to park and reverse the car without any difficulty, as these are the most technical things which take time. When the learner is confident about his/her driving and can park and drive the car easily, then these sessions should be considered as beneficial. What is needed from the driving school is that they should impart a way to drive which is safe and easy.

Another thing to look, into before selecting any driving school is their history. Most of the schools have website so make sure you check their site and reviews of customers. It will be helpful.