November 17, 2019

Best file storage options

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It seems that everything is done by computer these days. Even our doctors visits are all recorded on the computer. Anyone who has used the computer has probably needed to save something. But where does the information go when you save it?

Hard Drive

When saving information on your computer, the computer’s hard drive is the default for where that information will go. Today there are many types of hard drive. Hard drives are typically built into the computer so that you are able to save things without having to plug in an additional device. There are even novelty hard drives like the Toshiba microdrive which is modeled after those drives found inside the computer, but is less than one inch compared to the typical 3.5 inch drive. External hard drives are a great, portable option if you have a large volume of items to save or if you are interested in backing up your computer.

Flash Drive

Flash drives are growing in popularity. They are readily available in many retail locations and come in many different size options. Although storage space is limited, you cannot beat the convenience of the flash drive. They are compact and portable, making them a great option for saving children’s homework assignments or really any file that needs to be transported from one computer to another.

Memory Card

While memory cards like the SD or micro SD are not often used to store files from the computer, they do have that capability. Memory cards are usually used to store photos, so they are most commonly found in cameras. They provide a convenient way to take pictures or video from a camera and view them on a computer.

These are just a few of the options available for saving and transporting files from the computer. Luckily there have been so many advances in technology allowing for such a variety of options and giving consumers the ability to choose what is most convenient for them.