November 17, 2019

Create Your Own Perfect Wedding Venue in the Great Outdoors

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Many couples dream of having a beautiful outdoor wedding. There are many wedding venues available that allow you to have both the ceremony and reception outside complete with all of the amenities taken care of, but you might have a special place of your own in mind. Having an outdoor wedding on your own property can be beautiful as long as you make sure you include the following items.


Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to stand up throughout an entire wedding ceremony. High heels will begin to sink into the ground, and many of your guests will have a hard time seeing what is happening. Avoid the inconvenience by renting enough chairs for all of your guests, and arrange them in a pattern similar to how the seating in a church would be arranged.


If you are having the wedding at your own home or a home of a friend or family member, provide restrooms for the guests to use. No one wants hundreds of people filing through their house to use the bathroom. Have portable restrooms brought in and consider mobile ada showers for those with disabilities.


No one should ever plan an outdoor wedding without an alternative plan for inclement weather. If you have a nearby picnic shelter or an outbuilding such as a barn that you can use, make sure it is cleaned up and ready to go just in case you do need to relocate to that area. At the very least, have a tent set up. Tents are perfect for avoiding rain as well as the sun.

Once you take care of necessities, provide enough seating, and have shelter in case of inclement weather, you will be able to sit back and relax. Having these basic amenities will allow you and your guests to enjoy this special day without any inconveniences, and you will be able to stay focused on creating memories that will last a lifetime.