November 17, 2019

Don’t Scratch That Itch: Three Allergies That Seem Made up (But Aren’t)

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You’ve probably experienced watery eyes and an itchy nose when pollen starts to invade the air, or maybe you’ve eaten something that gives you digestive discomfort. Most people have encountered allergies in one form or another — from somewhat annoying to life-threatening. While some of these are well-known, like wheat, nuts and pollen, others get far less attention and can impact individuals with equal severity. Here are some strange allergies that seem too bad to be true.


With this allergy, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to pork, beef and lamb — or any meat that comes from a mammal. The reactions to meat are widespread, from sneezing and nausea to a rash and anaphylaxis. Believe it or not, a bite from the lone star tick can give you this allergy.


Okay, you’re not actually allergic to being pregnant, but heightened hormones during pregnancy can cause intensified reactions to normal allergens like bites and pharmaceuticals. This usually emerges in the form of itchy skin, sometimes even rashes or hives.

The Sun

Called solar urticaria, this allergy is a reaction of the skin to ultraviolet radiation in light. The result is swelling and a red, itchy rash, though it more frequently occurs on skin that is not normally exposed to sunlight.

Allergy Testing

For people who aren’t sure if they’re allergic to something or may have reactions to multiple things, getting tested can be one of the best ways to determine how to better manage allergies. There are two types of allergy tests: one that exposes a drop of the allergen to the skin by a small puncture and one done through bloodwork. Click here for more information on allergy testing.

No matter your allergy, there’s usually a way to lessen its impact on your life. Sometimes it just requires a bit of research and exploration to see what’s the right solution for you.