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During a student’s life, the most important aspect that they face is examinations. Especially the board exams. This is often called the “turning point” in a student’s life as all the major career decisions they make start from here.


Therefore, it is of paramount importance that students develop the right study habits so that they can secure good marks in their exams. So, here are a few habits that needs to be adopted to score more marks.

Right Resources

Often times, a student has access to a plethora of books and immense choice of sources to study from. So, more is good, right? Not necessarily. Having too much books to refer for one particular subject might make it hard for you to focus. Instead, devote yourself to a few select books for that particular subject and be thorough with them. Undoubtedly, NCERT Solutions For Class 12 is one of those resources that you definitely need to have.

Quality Time

Spending quality time is more effective than spending lots of time. In other words, studying for long hours at a time may not have the benefits that everyone perceives. This is because our mind has a rather short attention span. It is more effective when you are able to study as much as possible within this short time span rather than trying to cram information for hours together. Consider this analogy: Our mind is like a muscle and it eventually gets tired when we work it out too much. Therefore, consider studying in short stretches of 2-3 hours, taking adequate breaks after each session.

Approach to Studies

Students have their own approaches to studies which are unique to their learning styles. But there are some general tips which are applicable to all and are very effective. For instance, try jotting down important points during class lectures. This will reinforce learning and you will be able to recall information more easily in exams. Alternatively, try to represent information through diagrams, drawings or flowcharts. This is far more effective at comprehending information.

In conclusion, these are some study habits you need to pick up on if you are a student. Visit us to Learn more about NCERT Solutions on our website at