What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaners And Janitorial Services Providers?

What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaners And Janitorial Services Providers?

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The terms janitorial services and commercial cleaning are often used interchangeably even though they are not exact synonyms of each other. Janitorial services are offered by some commercial cleaning services businesses and vice versa but they are not the same thing. Some of the differences between the two and what to expect from each of them are explained below.

Commercial Cleaning

The responsibility of cleaning commercial spaces is taken up by commercial cleaners. The challenges related to these services are very different as they are concerned with cleaning spaces which are very different form cleaning residential spaces. For instance, spaces like commercial businesses are supposed to maintain certain health and safety standards by meeting different legislations. These legislations are required to be understood by the cleaning businesses so that they can help maintain the cleanliness and health standards. Cleaners working at commercial spaces also have to be familiar with treating hazardous substances that they may come across in these areas rather than in residential premises. A whole lot of different skills are required while cleaning commercial waste that may or may not be similar to those when cleaning residential property. Much stronger tools and cleaning products are generally used by commercial cleaners.

Janitorial Services

While cleaning responsibilities are one of the primary concerns of janitorial services, they also take care of a lot of other tasks as well. Facilities maintenance is another common task. To ensure that the building remains in a good condition, they often undertake proactive or reactive repairs. The type of business that employees the janitorial services and the type of property they work in will largely determine the list of tasks they will perform. Simple repairs, cleaning, heating maintenance, facilities management and building maintenance are some of the tasks that janitorial services are generally asked to do. These services may be needed inside or outside the property just like commercial cleaners.

Choosing the right one

One should be clear about the kind of services they need before going for either the commercial cleaners or janitorial services. The size is an important factor, if the premise is very small in size or rented, then it will not require janitorial services but will need a cleaning. Sometimes some of the roles that may be performed by janitors may already be done by other employees. In order to keep you building in a proper condition, both of these services may be required at different times.

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